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  1. A Clownfish Spawn

    Awesome! Cute lil guys.
  2. 105mm Micro-Nikkor Shots

    AWESOME! Ditto on the sponge! I also recognize the fungia. You're lucky you got there before I did. Man, you got a smokin' deal on that I need to get Austin over here to get some shots of my tank.
  3. Setting up a chiller?

    What chiller, size tank, sump size, and return pump are you using?
  4. Fish pictures.

    My flame angel thinks he's a Tang LOL. He picks at the filamentous algeas on my LR all day long, and any new fish that is added he tries to bully as a tang would. He even does this little "tail swipe" at the new fish for about a day but never does much if any harm. I have 2 clams, and plenty of LPS/softies and he hasn't bothered a thing. One of my favorite fish.
  5. FLOW!!!! POLL

    I haven't used the TUNZE products yet, but my next SPS tank will have a closed loop and a stream with a controller. I used to have a 4x2x2 BB with an ampmaster3000 hooked up to 2 1" seaswirls with 1000gph for the sump return. The way I had the tank planned out was to have ALOT of flow in the upper and mid column of water. Unfortunately, I didn't think about the BB tank needs, and I ended up having to do more manual removal of detritus off the tank bottom. If I redid that tank again, I would have the closed loop returns ALL bounce off the bottom of the tank, and put a stream or 2 in the mid water column. The seaswirls were not as great as I had hoped.
  6. Let other snails carry your babies.

    They'll pester your snails to death. It will take some time but it will happen. It took me about 3 months to eradicate them from my old system. I had to pull snails and scrub them in a separate container and discard the water. They also bothered my clams, even though they never got to proportions big enough to harm them, as I cleaned them about 2x a week. You definitely want to get rid of them if they're like the ones I had. Mine looked just like the ones you posted.
  7. Let other snails carry your babies.

    Careful! Those look like the dreaded pyramidellid snails. http://www.reefland.com/rho/2006/05/identify_rissoid_pyramidellid_snails.php
  8. Ryans New Frag Tank Setup

    Nice tank BTW, I had one exactly like it.
  9. Ryans New Frag Tank Setup

    With the open top like that and lumenarcs, 400 watters will be fine. Especially the way the tank is set up.
  10. Aiptasia eating NUDI'S!!!!

    I have always had GREAT success with peppermints. I have never had a BAD peppermint either. IMO, the trick to get peppermints to eat them is to not feed the tank for at least a week after adding the pepps. It's an "aquired" taste. lol