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  1. I can vouch for kruxster too! Great guy!
  2. chewie

    70 gallon 14" tall frag tank for sale.

    Yeah, I read about what happened to your tank. Ouch! Glad to see it didn't get you down for too long. I'll send you a PM.
  3. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    Yep! It's quite possible that it was a shipping screw-up. Even more of a reason to take pics and work something out to get replacement frags. It wouldn't be Brandon's fault if the frags didn't make it in shipping.
  4. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    Perhaps he didn't. Even though I know less than half of the story, the only thing I am leary about is the lack of proof of the dead frags. I am not jumping his back, I'm only asking for him to clear this up with proof the frags didn't make it. I have no dog in this fight, nor any qualms with Brandon, but I just can't get past the simple point that no proof was ever shown.
  5. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    Digital camera. dead frags. maybe 10 minutes of your time.
  6. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    No I haven't. If it were me, and I had people who knew me on multiple boards I would at least TRY to shed some light on the situation. It's pretty simple. Take a pic of the dead frags, e-mail to seller, THEN figure out a way to either get replacement frags, or a refund. Try ordering $300 worth of frags from liveaquaria.com and then do a credit card chargeback without provining proof that the frags died or were unhealthy.
  7. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    Would it not have been an issue if he provided proof to the seller that the frags didn't make it? The thread on RC was started over 2 weeks ago, and it looks like reefgeek was "moved on" a day or 2 ago. This thread is open, and he is not 'Moved On" from here.
  8. chewie

    70 gallon 14" tall frag tank for sale.

    [language filter], that tank gets around. I wish I had $250 I would take it back in a heartbeat.
  9. chewie

    Question for Reefgeek

    I was about to buy a UV from reefgeek but when I saw that thread on RC I had my reservations. I am glad that it was brought to my attention. All details aside. How can one purchase frags from a fellow reefer in another state, receive them, and do a CC chargeback without providing proof that the frags didn't make it. Trust me when I say that I would have replied to the original RC thread, proving my case. I probably would have made my own thread. It's pretty simple to lay out the dead frags on a table and snap a pic to send to the seller. Would have saved alot of trouble.
  10. chewie

    Euroreef Skimmer

    (clap) Thanks Shawn!
  11. chewie

    Euroreef Skimmer

    I'll take it! Sending you a PM
  12. chewie

    Man did I screw up this week

    Clean your skimmer well, including the pump. Do at least a 50% W/C. I have got away with doing 75% or more a few times. It's cheap insurance as it will get the majority of the contaminates out quickly. Was the paint used Latex or Enamel? BTW, sorry about your loss.
  13. chewie

    New Tank

    Looks good Scott!
  14. chewie

    new cold water pics

    Neat fish!
  15. chewie

    ...If you pray

    Austin, I will say a prayer. Keep your chin up!
  16. chewie

    Need an ID

    Reefboy, This guy? http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?pCatId=331 or this? http://www.marinecenter.com/fish/wrassereefsafe/emeraldgreencoriswrasse/
  17. Great idea! It has my wheels turnin'. Let me know if you need any help moving the beast.
  18. Shannon, That is going to be AWESOME! I like the ingenuity! Who needs a window annyway(laugh)
  19. chewie

    Is this normal? (mogul MH)

    I have had a few that came with the burnt mirror ring around the glass above the threads. They worked fine, but I always wondered why they were that way. It was with 250w BLV's
  20. chewie

    Pacific Coast salt

    give me a few days Jim. I will do the run of the mill tests soon.
  21. chewie

    New Tank

    Very cool Scott! I bet you're happier with the 24" height. Your plumbing looks pretty slick. I like the CA reactor feed line, that's the way I do it. Nice crawler too!(rock2)
  22. chewie

    What do you do for a top-off?

    I use a float valve in the sump as well. It is hooked up to a 6 gal salt bucket. I used a drill bit and a tap to make the threads at the bottom of the bucket, and it uses John Guest fittings. You can build one for about $25(float valve is around $15). You can do it with the cheaper Jayco fittings but it's much easier with the JG speedfits.
  23. chewie

    New frags from Josh

    Looks like a nice A. Tenuis I got a frag from another reefer, and it is in the top 3 favorites of the limited SPS frags I have now.