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    Powerpocolapse 2017!

    Tree snapped in half 1 block from my house and resting on a power line. I still have power but I'm just a little worried as I have a batch of roughly 500 fry brewing in the basement. I have a genny ready to go but I'm stuck at work! Ugh!
  2. chewie

    Live Brine Shrimp

    Family pet center (122nd&glisan) always have live black worms. Tell Glenn and Mike I said hi!
  3. chewie

    Live Brine Shrimp

    Live black worms are great for getting picky fish to eat. Be sure to rinse them well, as they get kinda funky. Also, only feed a few at a time. They don't live long in saltwater and most picky fish will only eat them while they're writhing and wiggling. On the other hand Brad, I would stay away from live brine. Even with rinsing there is a good chance that you will introduce ich into your system by feeding live brine. Are you trying to entice a fish to eat?
  4. chewie


    I'll take it Scott.
  5. chewie

    My acro collection

    Beautiful colonies Brad! As always... you sure have become a SPS master!
  6. chewie

    ATO......how do you do yours

    I use a tunze ATO on my display upstairs and 5 gallon bucket/floatvalve on all my tanks in my basement. You are correct about tds creep. Bad idea to hook up your RODI to your sump float valve.
  7. chewie

    Tide pool!

    very cool!
  8. chewie

    Tide pool!

    That's awesome! Post pics of the setup underneath.
  9. chewie

    Only the prettiest urchin will do!

    Lugols works very well on brown jelly disease. It's old school but it rarely fails me. Coral Rx Works great too but I have had much success with 40drops per gallon lugols dips on Gonis and Euphyllia. I'd say 75% success on bad infections.
  10. chewie

    Only the prettiest urchin will do!

    That's a pretty spiffy urchin too BTW!
  11. chewie

    Only the prettiest urchin will do!

    Have you ever tried doing a lugols dip on the Goni?
  12. chewie


    Same. Just a baby. FWE will clear that right up! Hopefully the Goni grows right back over the skeleton. ?
  13. chewie

    Is my Skkye Lite 18 OK for SPS?

    Definitely doable. I've grown a few under the stock nuvo lighting but they really didn't "thrive" under that light. I'd try an AI prime or something with more color options. As mentioned it wouldn't hurt to try some easy SPS for the heck of it. Keeping Alkalinity stable in a 30g tank is going to be your issue if you want to keep SPS in there.
  14. chewie

    My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Amphiprion Ocellaris.
  15. So, this pair of A. Ocellaris has been in my care for 7+ years. They spent 5 of those 7 years in my sisters 65 gallon until they killed all her fish. They just started to spawn again in the last 6 weeks. They are spawning roughly every 2 weeks. Their home is a 24"x24"x18" cube with a 5'x18"x22" sump (roughly 55gal.). Here's a pic to get the ball rolling.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. chewie

    My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    New format is much nicer for posting pics so I thought I'd share...
  17. chewie

    What is this thing!!?

    Clam foot?
  18. chewie

    Walking xenia?

    That's awesome!
  19. chewie

    My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Thanks. Mine were spawning after the 2 year mark but I couldn't see the eggs as they were in a reef tank with lots of rock. A good indication that they're ready is when they start attacking your hands and killing off tank mates.
  20. chewie

    Need acrylic help

    Shoot a PM to "wanareef" AKA Charles. He's a good dude and fair priced.
  21. chewie

    My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Been super busy! All are doing well. I've lost probably about another 4 or 5 to accidental over feeding. They WILL over eat..... Most of them are 1.5" or bigger. I have a few that don't get a lot of food and are less than an inch. I have split the batch in 2 to help the smaller ones get food. The biggest get all the food... they're pigs! Here's a few vids, in the first one the parents were checking out their babies from what I can tell.... first time they've seen them. These are the small batch. https://vimeo.com/197650468 Here's the bigger guys. https://vimeo.com/197650525 One more of the smaller guyshttps://vimeo.com/197650566 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk