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  1. AKA- Radion. Xr30w Gen 4 Pro.
  2. chewie

    Gas versus Diesel Looking for car advice

    350k miles on my F350. Still runs like a champ. Ford, Chevy and Dodge are all great vehicles. The problem with any vehicle is the people who drive them... I have never understand Ford haters. They're as bad as Raider fans!?
  3. chewie

    20 Nuvo with extras

    If it had a kegerator I'd be all over it. Don't have any use for a wine rack though. Thanks for the pics.
  4. chewie

    20 Nuvo with extras

    Pics of stand? Any scratches on the inside of the tank?
  5. chewie

    WTB Fragging tools

    You don't have a hammer and a screwdriver? ?
  6. chewie

    Feather duster or aiptasia?

    Yup. Looks like GSP.
  7. chewie

    New hitchhikers....Venus fly trap?

    Christmas tree worm and a barnacle. Harmless and very cool biodiversity.
  8. chewie

    New frag system build

    Those 6" haywards must have cost a pretty penny! Great idea though!
  9. chewie


    Parkrose hardware has it too.
  10. chewie


  11. chewie

    Taiwan LFS

    I would have figured out a way to get that Emperator in my carry on luggage. That one is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  12. chewie

    Blue tang FS.

    have had this fish for 16 months. Happy and healthy! 3.5-4" $50
  13. chewie

    Blue tang FS.

    Never. That's my favorite fish.
  14. chewie

    Is the a sponge coral or eggs or?

    Definitely not clownfish eggs. Look like a sponge to me. I see two siphon intakes...
  15. chewie

    T5 light end of bulb burnt need help

    My guess is that the lamp socket is only making connection on one of the pins on the end of the bulb. Usually if the lamp is installed incorrectly that can happen. It can also melt the socket and you could have a fire. A pic would help...
  16. chewie

    Purple Cap Washed Out Color

    If it were my tank I would shorten the photoperiod to less than 12 hours and reduce the white channel to under 30% if your possible. If not, then turn all channels down to 30-50%. It looks bleached but puzzling as to why just the new growth looks normal.
  17. chewie

    Clown Eggs

    If you aren't going to raise the fry then you won't need to do anything. If you do want to raise them, better get lots of sleep now. The first 3-4 weeks are rough. Try to get the pair to spawn on a tile or flowerpot. It is much easier than trying to scoop the fry out of your display.
  18. chewie

    Clown Eggs

    Clown eggs look like this
  19. chewie

    What is this??

    I would avoid getting any on your corals.
  20. chewie

    What is this??

  21. chewie

    What is this??

    I'd flush them out of their holes with some seltzer water. They will get bigger and hungrier.
  22. chewie

    What is this??

    Eunicid worm.... seltzer water in the hole over a bucket may flush him out. How long have you had that rock? Looks to be a baby... under 2'. How many Ricordia did it eat? At least you know where it is.?
  23. chewie

    April Picture of the Month - Invertebrates

    There's a RBTA is this pic somewhere....
  24. chewie

    Powerpocolapse 2017!

    Thanks for the offer Kim. I have a generator ready. I just need to be home...