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  1. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    ☝️So much WIN!
  2. I was going to add a bunch of stainless corner braces on my stand but I don't want to void the warranty. It is VERY sturdy. Plus mine is dead nuts level! We'll see how long it stays that way. I trust it.
  3. Build the stand, put the tank on it and put a level perpendicular on the top of the tank. Bounce on either side of the long end of the tank and see if the bubble moves. If so, I'd consider other options. If not, fill it with freshwater and repeat It doesn't look like much foot traffic will be going on next to your tank the way your desks are set up but it would concern me if the tank will shift weight frequently due to the design of the stand. Cam lock fasteners are fine under normal conditions but prolonged weight shifting will loosen/stretch them out over time. I have a Reefer 525, I worry about that on mine. It sits perpendicular on 3, 2 x 12 joists and a 4 x 8 beam. It rocks ever so slightly when full with my 230lb tookus bouncing in front of the tank. No running going on in my living room!
  4. Spill the beans Brian!
  5. Scott brings up a great point about the thickness of the decking. That definitely helps spread the load but I still would be worried if it were my tank/house. Keep in mind that I am not a structural engineer. Without vertical support, any perpendicular supports underneath would be useless anyway. The foor should hold the tank up, no problem. The issue is rocking side to side...
  6. It all depends on how much you want to spend/do. If the tank is centered over the joist, you want to spread that weight across at least 1 more joist. Preferably 2. You can add supports under the tank that run perpendicular to the joists and then add floor jacks to give more support. Knowing nothing about your homes construction I can't say for sure though. I would definitely look into it....
  7. You want the tank to run perpendicular to the joists. If it's running parallel it will most likely rock side to side when people walk by. I would not put it there if it was my tank.
  8. Vertex Omega 180i

  9. Vertex Omega 180i

    Selling my used Vertex Omega 180i. It is a beast of a skimmer with a small footprint.https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/vertex-omega-180i-protein-skimmer.html $300 pics will be up in a few hours.
  10. Vertex Omega 180i

  11. yeah for my clown fish :)

    It's always a good feeling when clowns find a host anemone! Time to celebrate!🍻
  12. Rest in peace Woody!

    RIP Woody🙁 You will be missed.
  13. RO/DI Problems

    You probably have a lot of sediment in your supply. Change the prefilters more frequently.
  14. WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    I'll keep an eye out for you Chris. Are you talking 24" footprint? Going bigger?
  15. Sick Montipora

    It looks like light shock to me. Possibly a hot spot from your LEDS. Move it down 6 inches and see how it does.
  16. AKA- Radion. Xr30w Gen 4 Pro.
  17. Gas versus Diesel Looking for car advice

    350k miles on my F350. Still runs like a champ. Ford, Chevy and Dodge are all great vehicles. The problem with any vehicle is the people who drive them... I have never understand Ford haters. They're as bad as Raider fans!?
  18. 20 Nuvo with extras

    If it had a kegerator I'd be all over it. Don't have any use for a wine rack though. Thanks for the pics.
  19. 20 Nuvo with extras

    Pics of stand? Any scratches on the inside of the tank?
  20. WTB Fragging tools

    You don't have a hammer and a screwdriver? ?
  21. Feather duster or aiptasia?

    Yup. Looks like GSP.
  22. New hitchhikers....Venus fly trap?

    Christmas tree worm and a barnacle. Harmless and very cool biodiversity.
  23. New frag system build

    Those 6" haywards must have cost a pretty penny! Great idea though!
  24. Bayer

    Parkrose hardware has it too.