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  1. Any custom tank/sump makers in pdx?

    Shoot a PM to Charles aka "wanareef". He does great work and can build anything you want.
  2. skimmer for reefer nano

    Nyos quantum 120. Pricey but worth it. It's silent.
  3. Gealth LED fullspec 90w

    Ocean revive is probably one of the best economy fixtures around. Next would be any of the AI fixtures then Ecotech.
  4. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Awesome build. I'm jealous.... I want a peninsula really bad but nowhere to put it. Looks like the floor is holding👍 Any rocking side to side? What light is that?
  5. Hi Again

    Hi Brandon! Shoot me a pm when you're ready for some frags. I gotcha covered.
  6. Aqueon Proflex Sump

    Thanks you 2! With regular maintenance it's not that hard to keep stuff clean. It lasts longer too!
  7. Aqueon Proflex Sump

    I'm selling the skimmer that fits perfectly in this sump. I'll do $250 for both.
  8. SWC Xtreme 160 skimmer

    Here's one of just the skimmer and another with the sump I'm selling here... buy both for $250
  9. http://www.swcskimmers.com/product3.html 21" x 10" x 10" Pinwheel impeller. Always starts right up. Comes with a new spare pinwheel impeller(rotor/shaft/pinwheel) and a new ceramic shaft(sealed). Located in SE Portland. Will post actual pics after it is clean $150
  10. Aqueon Proflex Sump

    http://m.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=23752 Model 3 sump- 25.5"(L) x 14"(W) x 17"(H) Uses 4" socks. Have 10 clean socks Located in SE Portland. Will have actual pics up after it's clean. $125
  11. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Silicone will seal it fine. Or you can use a 1/4" bulkhead.
  12. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    True, but you can run the product line of your rodi wherever the heck you want from the laundry room.
  13. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Just use a Y splitter and 1/4" adapter on your cold supply for your washing machine. Run the waste line from your rodi down the washing machine drain. Should cost about $20.
  14. Radion SPS AB+

    I've been running it for over a year. G3 and G4 pros. 75%. No changes. Love the colors. If the pics looked natural I would post a few but nope. Maybe when I get a new phone...