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  1. chewie

    Queen Angelfish FS

    FAT, HEALTHY, QUARANTINED , and BEAUTIFUL! If she’s not gone by Saturday morning, it’s going to the LFS. $200 487E3B39-A6A0-4190-A211-648A76EAE9D0.MOV
  2. chewie

    PNWMAS history?

    No pro here... still learning everyday. I miss the good old days. IMO, way more fun before it became more organized. Don’t get me wrong, I think the club now is awesome! Just not like back in the day... If Ryan makes the food for the next meeting, I’ll be there. Dude made some pretty amazing dishes straight out of culinary school! Asian BBQ sauce FTW!
  3. chewie

    ID Please

    Stomatella snail. Good critter!
  4. chewie

    Coral For Sell

    Looks like a mystic sunset monti to me... nice piece for $15.
  5. chewie

    Skimmer cleaning

    Love these skimmers! I just hate that you can’t take the drain pipe apart to fully clean. My only gripe about them.
  6. chewie

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    As with any caulerpa, it is pretty invasive. Manual removal is best. Some tangs will eat it when hungry as well as Fox faces.
  7. chewie

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    Saw blade caulerpa.
  8. chewie

    Vortech MP60WQD’s

    I have a pair of Vortech MP60WQD’s for sale. They were used for 3 months. Manufacture date of 11/2/17. Never ran at more than 30%. Was saving them for a bigger build but that’s not happening for awhile. $550 each or both for $1000
  9. chewie

    Black Friday wishlist...

    Nice! Especially with the neck cleaner.
  10. chewie

    Black Friday wishlist...

    In my case it was 500 then 800. 😬 If you will be lightly stocked, the 160 should be fine. Or you will just have to have the cup drain into a separate container.
  11. chewie

    Black Friday wishlist...

    Excellent skimmers though.
  12. chewie

    Black Friday wishlist...

    If your wish list also includes lots of fish, I’d wish for the nyos 220. I ran the 160 on my reefer 525 for a month and upgraded to the 220 because the 160 was overfilling the cup every 2-3 days. I only had 5 fish at the time. They’re super under rated.
  13. chewie

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    The master closet reefer is back! Long time no see!
  14. chewie

    ATO Stayed on last night

    The only time I have had a problem with any of my float switch style ATOs(tunze/jbj) is when they get dirty. Either from a micro serpent star getting in there to eat the funk or from the funk building up preventing smooth operation of the float. Just clean them routinely (2-3 months) and they work great. The built in safety feature of the tunze nano ATO (1.5-3min ato shutoff) has saved my bacon plenty of times.