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  1. chewie

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    The master closet reefer is back! Long time no see!
  2. chewie

    ATO Stayed on last night

    The only time I have had a problem with any of my float switch style ATOs(tunze/jbj) is when they get dirty. Either from a micro serpent star getting in there to eat the funk or from the funk building up preventing smooth operation of the float. Just clean them routinely (2-3 months) and they work great. The built in safety feature of the tunze nano ATO (1.5-3min ato shutoff) has saved my bacon plenty of times.
  3. chewie

    ? Bout radion RMS slide

    Cord keepers. They fit in the top rail tracks. They don’t fit well with the g4 cords. You have to really mash em in.
  4. El Duderino... if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Classic!
  5. chewie

    building Protein skimmer help

  6. chewie

    building Protein skimmer help

    You need a Binford 2000!
  7. chewie

    April 2018 meeting pics CNC Party

    If you whip up some of your famous Asian BBQ sauce I will definitely make time for another meeting😬 Just keep me away from the cookies...
  8. chewie

    April 2018 meeting pics CNC Party

    Nope. Weekends are too busy for me...
  9. chewie

    April 2018 meeting pics CNC Party

    I see Steve Weast! Hi Steve! Anyone else see him? Where's Waldo?
  10. chewie


    It may hold slightly on 12mm but very short term... as soon as you crank it up it will decouple.
  11. The right conditions causes that! Nice rose Garden!
  12. chewie

    The Theat Is Real

    Run the window shaker AC unit! Unless you're going to vent the chiller outside, the ambient heat from the chiller and the wattage for both the chiller and the pump (especially a genx 40) required to run it will definitely be a waste of energy for a 20g tank...
  13. chewie

    RODI Garden Hose Adapter

    You need these 2 fittings and some teflon tape to make your own.
  14. Yes. Educators and or Penductors have been around for a long time. The reason you don't see them very often is the need for a high pressure rated pumps to get the most bang for your buck out of them. They were big in the hobby back in the days of external pumps like the Iwaki MD series pumps. They work on low pressure rated pumps but they work extremely well on higher pressure...
  15. chewie

    Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight

    Brad should have it. From my colony back in the day... I still need to get a piece back.