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    PNWMAS history?

  2. One is 7 months old and the other is 5 months. Comes with mounting legs. Looking for $120ea located in beaverton
  3. bigfish

    (2) Ocean revive arctic t247

    BUMP $110 or $200 for both.
  4. bigfish

    Live rock Fs $1.50/lb

    Have about 70-80 lbs of live rock. Does have some aptasia and lots of soft corals on it. Located in Beaverton.
  5. bigfish

    Live rock Fs $1.50/lb

    Yep. Rock, fish and all equipment are left. Can't really get to the fish with all the rock still in there.
  6. All equipment will go after the livestock is sold. I'm willing to take holds via PayPal if anyone has interest. LOCATED IN BEAVERTON 75g 48x18x21 glass tank. Has a few minor scratches. Drilled herbie style. 1" overflow with ball valve. Black stand with 25g acrylic aquarium shark sump. $125 magnus curve 7 skimmer - $110 -SOLD (2) ocean revive t247 lights, 7 months old. -$115 each. Older eheim 1101 800gph external pump -$30 Around 80lbs of live rock. A good amount of aiptasia and a ton of soft corals on it. Mushrooms, GSP, Xenia, zoa's $1.50/lb Fish: (3) green chromis - $5 each large flame angel - $35 royal gramma - $10 Corals: Large brownish wall hammer - $50 - SOLD Green w/purple tip frogspawn 6 heads - $25 SOLD Neon green hammer 6 heads -$25 SOLD 6"x5" rock with small 4 orange rics, 4 purple rics, 1 greenish/brown and some orange zoa - $35 decent patch of GSP on large rock - $15 super red mushroom rock with one large and 4 baby shrooms - $15 SOLD large rock with lots of spotted green mushrooms, neon palys, and zoa's - $40 SOLD small cluster of zoa's -$10 two large Kenya tree corals - $15 large RBTA -$35 SOLD $550 takes it all. you can contact me at 503 8O8 O851 one if you have questions or want more pictures.
  7. bigfish

    Mag curve 7 $80

    Used for about a year. Great skimmer. $80 located in Beaverton 503 8080851
  8. bigfish

    Corals fs

    All sold.
  9. bigfish

    Corals fs

    Purple/neon hammer 8 or so heads -$20 green mouth zoa's 15+ polyps - $10 small green w/ purple tip hammer 3 heads - $10 two green toadstools on the same rock $20 Rhodactis mushroom 5 shrooms - $15 or $60 for all of it located in Beaverton/sw Portland
  10. Helping someone sell this. Located in Beaverton/sw Portland. Made by S & S aquariums out of California. Measures 14" on each side. Comes with filter, heaters, air pumps, basic light and stand. Everything you need for a freshwater tank or could easily by converted to saltwater. The tank is in great condition, very few dings. Sorry for the cloudy picture. Must pick up 5038080851 Looking for $150 obo
  11. bigfish

    How many f you have one of these?

    I believe he was. I can't remember many names, other then there were were 3 Ryan's 😂
  12. bigfish

    How many f you have one of these?

    I've been thinking about getting a membership again. It's been years since I've been to a meeting. I was always the youngest one at the meeting 10+ years ago for anyone who remembers. Jmanrow was one of the first folks to help me get my system going.
  13. bigfish

    How many f you have one of these?

    I took that photo 😂😂 at 16 years old With a 2mp camera I believe. It still hangs on my fridge.
  14. New in box. 75 calcium tests 75 alkalinity tests 60 magnesium tests $30 or trade for zoa colonies or lps. located in sw Portland
  15. bigfish

    Wtb ro/do filter

    Looking for an ro/di water filter in the Beaverton area. Thanks!
  16. Looking for a RBTA and other cheaper frag Hammers, frog spawn, mushrooms, ric's. I'm in the Beaverton area. Thanks everyone!
  17. bigfish


    Looking for one in the Raleigh hills area. Can't go to far because of a herniated disc. Thanks!
  18. bigfish

    Pink zoo's

    $25. probably about 40 polyps baseball Size rock Couldnt get a good pic but those from the same colonie.