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  1. I’m looking for a terrarium or reptile tank. Would prefer a whole setup but anything would do. Hoping for something in the 10-30 gallon range. My daughter loves spiders so we’re trying to find something to house a tarantula for her birthday. Show me what you’ve got. Thanks everyone. 503 eight 0 eight 0851 if texting is better for you.
  2. Looking for corals for my kids tank. Mostly softies but LPS would be okay. They have a few green mushrooms and some Xenia but that’s it. Thanks everyone.
  3. I store it in the closet and just take it out when needed. I only do 5g water changes.
  4. I added a large washer up there and that seemed to solve the issue.
  5. I actually got it to work. I used a second washer above the other threaded fitting that screws into my faucet and then attached the fitting you guys are talking about.
  6. I’ll try the pipe wrench. Should I try make it as tight as I can?
  7. If I use both washers they gave me there isn’t enough space to screw it onto the faucet.
  8. So I purchased a typhoon 3 from air water ice and got it all setup. It works great but I cannot get it to stop leaking from the faucet adapter. It screws on fine but shoots water all over the place. I used the gasket they provided and tried plumbers tape but I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?
  9. There’s a large bubble in the middle of my hammer. It’s been there about two weeks now.
  10. Looking to rehome my camera. It is very lightly used. Comes with SD card, camera bag and charger. $80 takes it. Would consider trade for RO/di. Located in Beaverton. Thanks for looking.
  11. I live in Beaverton. I could swing by and get your stuff today. 5038080851 kris
  12. What would you suggest? Looks like the sink faucet adapter would work.
  13. Which type of connecter do you think I’d need for this?
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