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  1. JeffP

    Why was this thread closed

    the mods 'took a vote' on it and determined it had run its course. How, I fail to see - but being a private club with moderators who hide behind "moderator1" titles, and a forum which has a proven history of allowing sponsors dictate what can be said about them in a forum (threads allowed to be deleted, altered, etc when a sponsor is given honest criticism) - it's not hard to believe. I've been PMing with 'moderator1' and he/she suggested that everyone who had purchased a raffle ticket without refund, or who is waiting to hear about their salt purchase start a thread about it. Since I am in neither of these two situations, I won't be starting it.
  2. JeffP

    Why was this thread closed

    that's bull#%@!.
  3. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?p=122528#post122528 No good reason for it to be closed. Valid questions have been asked.
  4. JeffP

    Can anyone help?

    he's got an email address there...
  5. JeffP

    Can anyone help?

    Too bad his one supporter writes like a 4 year old. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/for/1274138285.html
  6. I'll take the keg set for cash. I need to get away from using my damned bottles What size is the co2 tank?
  7. JeffP

    Waves Water card

    Let me know asap. I've got someone else in line who's expressed interest in it.
  8. JeffP

    Waves Water card

    it's tuesday now. What's up?
  9. JeffP

    Still have my sunpod for sale!

    Gone! Thanks El Salvador for the referral!
  10. JeffP

    Suport you LFS please read..

    While its admirable to support the guys as they are closing down, it's a somewhat backhanded compliment seeing as they probably could've used all the support earlier to help prevent needing to shut down. :( So that being said, make sure to hit up all the guys who are still open and spend some cash.
  11. JeffP

    Waves Water card

    I'm not out there anymore, I live in SE portland now. I can meet up during the week in beaverton near cornell & 26.
  12. JeffP

    Still have my sunpod for sale!

    was off to page 2 already! Someone must need one of these. Make me an offer i can't refuse - PLEASE!
  13. JeffP

    Waves Water card

    yeah, things are shaping up in the personal world (unemployed no more), but the marine world still sucks thanks to a store owner who refuses to give me what's mine.
  14. JeffP

    Waves Water card

    just a trade for cash - I don't have tanks anymore :(