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  1. That's awesome. Something I always wanted to try. More pics!!
  2. Has a mag 3 pump in there and also including a couple new true union valves as back ups. Free, but if you have a couple frags... I mean 🍺 Come by my place or meet up at cuttle fish. I live a sw 46th near Gabriel park and Multnomah village.
  3. $100 Dart pump - I have had for years and years... Bought it for a closed loop flow system and my plumbing leaked. Ran for 24hrs or less then sat in a Rubbermaid since ~2008. Retails around $300 $40 Classic 1000-HOB Hang On the Back Protein Skimmer 90 Gallon With External Pump - Reef Octopus. I used it on my nano/frag tank. Could use some cleaning but it's pretty clean as is. Retails for $250 $80 Aquac ev180 skimmer - came with a Craigslist deal years ago. I've never used it but I did use one on a previous tank and it performed well. It's very clean. Retails for $340 $60 6lbs unopened gfo - ended up my tank didn't need gfo. In a side note, I have cases and cases of 24" and 36" t5, 48" t12 vho, and power compacts. All in 10k and actinic. I bought out inventory a few years ago from an aquarium company that went out of business. They are individually boxed for retail sale. Would like to sell cases for cheap. They are being stored in Springfield. Meet up at my place 4624 SW miles ct or at the church parking lot 7555 SW 45th Ave. Open to trades, but trying to dumpster fire these things. Derek 5033435825 call/text
  4. Thanks kshack. About to head to stickman for a beer, I'll look into it. What price point are you looking for with and without the tank? I have a few 20 lbs from beer brewing but only one 5lb
  5. 150 display and 40 sump/refugium
  6. Ideally a whole system, but let me know what you got. I live in Portland but willing to travel.
  7. Where are you located? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Pending Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  9. I have 5 or six sheets of egg crate. Thick stuff unlike home Depot. I live near cuttle fish Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  10. Pump was literally used for a day to two then put in storage. Been holding onto to it to setup my frag again, but not looking like it'll happen soon still. Plumbing is black flexible spa like tubing with fittings and I think a true union valve. Probably spent $100 just on plumbing.. $160 or trade for corals or ? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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