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  1. aquaman30k

    Shout out to Steve Manning (Smann)

    I still have a dehumidifier I bought from Steve 5-6 years ago running strong. Stand up guy!
  2. aquaman30k

    90 Gallon Envision Cube FS!

    I can attest to how beautiful and quiet this setup is. Bring it to Texas and it's sold! [emoji482]
  3. aquaman30k

    Equipment coming up for sale

    I'd take this tank in a heart beat if it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to ship it to Texas
  4. aquaman30k

    Sunlight Supply Aqua... going away

    Hello everyone, Sunlight Supply Inc is doing just fine. While the aquarium division will be closing in the future many of the products will still be available to local stores after we close. I have been working many LFS to supply them with the products needed as well as getting them in contact with new suppliers that will be able to fill the needs once we close. If you are looking for a specific SLS product I would encourage you to contact your LFS at your earliest convenience. Thank you for all of your support! Josh Streeter Aquarium Sales Account Manager - West Coast
  5. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    MP40 sold. Many goodies still left.
  6. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    The last MP40w ES is back available. Less than a year old in excellent condition. Originally asking $400 now asking $380.
  7. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    Everything in the first post is left.
  8. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    It's yours! Pm coming your way.
  9. aquaman30k

    Oh happy day!

    Glad I could help! Quite the nice setups you have.
  10. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    Pm replied to. MP40's spoken for.
  11. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    The two larger reactors have sold. Everything else is still available.
  12. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    Same goes for anyone else. If you can meet me close to I5 I'd be happy to meet up after work M-F.
  13. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    How about free! I work in Vancouver and commute from Salem to Vancouver M-F. I could meet up Monday after work.
  14. aquaman30k

    Moving sale!

    Still have too much stuff to downsize to the place I want so more stuff is hitting the web! All of my equipment is in excellent condition and may only need a little cleaning. Shipping is an option so ask if needed. PayPal fees will be paid by the buyer. Less than a year old MP40w ES with box. One left @ $380 Pacific Coast PCI -2000 skimmer $200 Reeflo Orca 1 skimmer with neck extension $500 Reeflo dart pump $200 Genx - 40 pump has a noisy but still pumps like a champ $40 Hang on the back media reactor $20 450g Acrylic Show Tank cleaned and ready to setup $2300 Lumatek Selectable wattage ballast 250/ 250 hqi,/ 400 / turbo charged! $50 If a price is too high shoot me an offer. I want to clear out some space but I don't want to give this stuff away either. Lol