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  1. I have 2 K Nano's. Light still available.
  2. Rock and corals gone! T5 Light gone! Still heaters, Koralia Nano's, refractometer, water jugs, test kits, filter bags, and a few half used buckets of salt laying around.
  3. Updated! Make me an offer!!!!
  4. SquidHC

    Lighting our 110g.

    I had the exact tank you have, and I ran 3 250's spaced evenly. When I ran 2, I had a dead spot right in the middle and on the ends. 4 would be overkill imo.
  5. SquidHC

    24 hour livestock sale!!

    Just got back in town from 10 days of snorkeling in the beautiful virgin islands and puerto rico. Still have these frags, and some rock. Let me know if your interested.
  6. SquidHC

    24 hour livestock sale!!

    Just gimme a call today.
  7. Needs to be gone by 2pm on Sunday!!!CALL ME AT 503-201-9031 Zoa frag pack! Large frags, 10 different types! $60 for all!!! Frags are these exact same ones, but much larger now. 12# rock COVERED in xenia, with 3 large torch shrooms and a large kenya tree! $60!! Live rock!!!! Large pieces! Roughly 100# $2.00/lb
  8. SquidHC

    Zoa frag pack, Clowns, and rock!!!

    Friday I will be available randomly throughout the day if that works for you?
  9. SquidHC

    Zoa frag pack, Clowns, and rock!!!

    Yup, everything is still available.
  10. I got a couple half buckets I think. You can have em for like 10 bucks!
  11. Plz delete. New post with updated pics/prices and so on...
  12. SquidHC

    Amazing Live Rock

    Very nice! Where from and how much per lb?
  13. Bought a safe today. Found it at Wholesale sports. Yeah I might need another safe for all my ammo.... I have a lot.
  14. I will check out Bi-mart. I'll have to ask the certifier about trigger locks, as the paperwork says "all guns must be securely locked in a safe, with ammunition stored seperately". Also, pictures posted on the first post.
  15. All fish/crabs/snails spoken for. Still have over 100 lbs of rock, including one thats like 45 lbs, and a few that are like 25. Nice big pieces!