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  1. fredknack

    SPS Frags FS

    I will give the German a home. PM Sent.
  2. I have two new in the box Lumatek 400W 120/240V Dimmable / Multi-Wattage (250W, 400W) Ballasts for sale. Dimmable Electronic Ballast Dual-Voltage - The only E-Ballast with the same light output on 120V or 240V Multi-Wattage – Powers 250W, 400W and HQI Lamps Very quiet and they run cool Here is the Marine Depot link to the page I order them from: http://tinyurl.com/7xkl932 On Marine Depot they cost $154.99 and I want $100.00 for each one or $190.00 for both.
  3. fredknack

    frags 4 sale

    Thanks for the great Zoas Matt!
  4. fredknack

    frags 4 sale

    I will take the top Frag of zoas for $20.
  5. fredknack

    LC Scott's 40b

    Thanks for the review. Yea I think PVC and mistakes go together way to often.
  6. fredknack

    LC Scott's 40b

    I have a question about your overflow system. Are you happy with it? I hear that it is a very quiet system. I am thinking about doing this in my tank. What has your experience been?
  7. fredknack

    300 Cube the new tank.

    Great job!
  8. fredknack

    I need some Chaeto

    Thanks Saltfinsax! PM Sent.
  9. fredknack

    I need some Chaeto

    Hi I am setting up a new tank and I need some Chaeto from a tank that has no Aptasia. I am trying to recover from a bad Aptasia episode and I am trying not to repeat the experience. I would be willing to pay a bit for a bag of water, algae, and hopefully a few travel ready pods. Thanks, Fred
  10. fredknack

    90G TruVu tank and stand

    The tank is mine! It looks great in it's new home.
  11. Hi I have a dual 250 HQI fixture and it started making a crazy loud hum. The bulbs are ancient. Is there any chance that the old bulbs are the problem? I would hate to buy new 250 HQI bulbs just to discover that my ballast is hosed.
  12. fredknack

    Brand New Aquarium

    Can you let me know if they are acrylic or glass? Also dimensions would be helpful. Thanks
  13. fredknack

    Finally Set Up My Reactor

    It seems like that should be plenty of filtration.
  14. fredknack

    Help with coral ID

    The more I look at it the more I agree. I am stoked. Free coral. I got the live rock from Seahorse. I am going to glue some chunks of rock around it so that it will hopefully overgrow the rocks letting me frag it.
  15. fredknack

    Help with coral ID

    Cool Thanks guys. I hope it turns into something like this: http://www.melevsreef.com/id/psammacora.html