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  1. gwalkerss

    Check This Build Out

    WOW!! looks great!! Wish i had that kind of money!
  2. gwalkerss

    WTB: Frag Tank

    I am looking t for a used frag tank. Id like it to be a little on the larger side, 90-200ish (drooler) gallons. I would perfer Acrylic rather than glass. 12"-16" tall. I do not have any length width restrictions. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for it! Thanks Geoff
  3. I am going to buy a Controller... I have heard my two best choices are the apex and the Digital Aquitics Reefkeeper Elite My question is, What do you think? Also I have tried to figure out what the diffrence is between the Reefkeeper Elite Plus and net? what is the net part is it internet? Please let me know what you all perfer and good or bad experiances!!! Thanks Geoff
  4. gwalkerss

    3/4 " sea swirl

    Do you know the appx age of it?
  5. Hello all, I need some info on which pump has worked or will the best for me! I am moving and will be changing up my system. I am moving the sump to the basement and going to plumb it up to the next floor and will need a pump with the power to do it. It will be running a 150g reef. It will be appx 15-18 feet travel up, with appx 4 90degree or 2 90degree and 2 45degree bends.... please let me know what you would think would be the best and the appx price!! I would only like a NEW pump! Thanks all Geoff
  6. gwalkerss


  7. gwalkerss

    wtb 65g or 75g tank and stand

    Check out my thread! I still have it for sale!! Make me an offer http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16185&highlight=75G+TANK.
  8. DO you still have this available?? I'm interested, let me know!
  9. gwalkerss

    Hawaiian fish dump

    This is messed up!!! How can people do this kind of stuff... So sad!!!
  10. gwalkerss

    Guaging interest in a group buy

    I may be interested, let me know when and how much! I'd like to see a web site.. thanks
  11. gwalkerss


    Yes this is still available, I will try to take a pic of the base rock tonight when i get home. thanks
  12. gwalkerss

    Post entries for March 2010 POTM here

    nice pics of clown with an anemone!! I took the first pic, and really like it to so decied to use my new photo shop program i got for x-mas! What do you think, POTM potential? This will be first try submitting a pic for this!! I took it with my Sony DSLR with a Macro lense Geoff
  13. gwalkerss

    500 gallon custom reef

    Corals... What corals do you have left in the tank? Frags? How much? Let me know thanks! Geoff
  14. Hello all, I have recently upgraded to a 150g tank and now need to sell the 75g tank. I bought this set up new 2.5 years ago from Patrick at Saltwater-fantaseas. I paid a little over 1800 for the whole set up (With out the light set up). The stand is made with oak and is still in great shape! Every thing works great on the tank, no leaks! I just ran out of room so I needed a bigger one!!! Included in this would be: Stand and Canopy 75G glass tank (with built in over flow) 35ish gallon sump A duel 400w Halide set up with moguls (no reflectors) bulbs are appx 6-7 months old Protein Skimmer RO/DI unit (probally could use new filters) Most of the plumbing parts I have an extra pump I could throw in Also appx 30-40 lbs of dry live rock (would be used for a base I am asking $900 800 for the set up, if you think this price is too high please make me an offer. Please ask if you have any questions (I will try to answer them) The pics that I have up are what it looked like fully stocked, NONE of the live stock is included in this, just an example of what it did look like! I MAY BE WILLING TO PART OUT, MAKE AN OFFER Thanks for looking Geoff
  15. I was in there tonight, My wife gave me a $300 budget to buy some new coral. I had read some of the reviews of Soutas Saltwater and it sounded like i should go check them out based on what i had read. I Had to drive Past 4 other fish stores to get there but i thought that i would give it a try. I wanted to buy a few small colonies (4-6 in total) none larger than 6 inches or so in total size. The first 3 that i asked about the price on the guy told me they were not for sale, and that he had some smaller frags 1-1.5 inches that he would sell me. I found this to be very disappointing. I have a 150g tank 1 inch pieces would just get lost. I would have been willing to pay good money, cash for the coral (my wife made me take cash so I would not spend more, don't laugh you have all been there!!).. I guess in short, I am disappointed in the whole experience there. I was hoping to walk out of there with some coral. When instead I just walked out....(scratch) This does not seem very business conducive to me. (nutty) If anyone out there has some colonies they would like to part with for cash, please let me know, send me a pic and price Thanks G