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  1. I found some other crap to add. An almost full box of reef crystals salt, test kits, additives, a refractometer, a bunch of other stuff. Power heads, $150 takes it all
  2. Ok, corals and live rock are gone. Now for the rest. 1 29 gallon Bio cube with matching black stand various power heads mj 1200 return pump current programmable LED light some miscellaneous other dry goods asking $150 for all
  3. I’d like to sell this as one unit if possible. Here are the goodies. Asking $600 for everything 29 gallon bio cube Black stand Current LED fixture w remote 30# liverock Bird nest colony Neon green blasto Small lobo Mohawk Zoas Oregon mummy eye chalice Dragon eye zoas Joker favia Fruit loops zoas Superman blasto Bling bling cyphastrea Joker zoanthids Red/blue acan Misc zoanthids Rasta colony Pink boobie chalice Candy land chalice Rasta frag Superman acan Superman chalice Joker zoanthids Nuclear inferno zoanthids Captain jerk paly Sunset montipora Mystic sunset montipora Superman stylo Montipora setosa Bird of paradise Garf Bonsai Seasons greetings cap Red planet Sand dollar montipora Millipora frag Micromussa Blue eyed blonde War coral favia Red montipora yellow polyps Armor of the gods colony Green/blue open brain Misc chalices Xenia Star polyps Yellow wrasse Purple pseudochromis Pygmy angel AI Prime HD light.
  4. I paid $40 for a 3” frag of that chalice a few weeks ago. Hope that helps
  5. Start feeding the fish by putting food in your net. When they swim into it to get the food, snag them up!
  6. SRoberts is the winner. I’m sending you a PM
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