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  1. Alterego

    27 Gallon Marineland cube and AI Prime light

    Sold. That was fast!!
  2. Alterego

    27 Gallon Marineland cube and AI Prime light

    If no one buys the whole set up by tomorrow evening, then probably
  3. I thought I may enjoy getting back into the hobby, but alas, it's not in the cards, so I'm selling my little cube. Had it about 2 months. Has a new AI Prime HD light, mounting arm, stand, powerhead and heater. And the Marineland LED fixture as well. 25 pounds of liverock and sand too. Cost $400 for this stuff, I'm asking $250. I can't attach the photos, so If you want pics, pm me please. Thank you
  4. Alterego

    PS4 for trade

    Two controllers, a charging base, HDMI cable, 6 games. (the Elder Scrolls, The Uncharted collection, Uncharted 4, Call of Duty Black ops 3, Fallout 4, Shadow of Mordor. Looking for live Rock, Vortech, Hell, shoot me something!!
  5. Alterego

    Some corals for sale

    I will take the second one please
  6. Alterego

    Some corals for sale

    I'll take the second one please...
  7. Alterego

    green algee taking over

    NHow old are your bulbs? Are you using city water? Or RO/DI
  8. Alterego

    Cryptic tank filtration.

    I use a refugium, basically to grow pods, but also for nutrient removal. The extra water volume of the crypic tank can't hurt.
  9. Alterego

    Stuff for sale

    Send me your email address and I will send a pic
  10. Alterego

    Stuff for sale

    No I didn't get it. I still have the cube
  11. Alterego

    Stuff for sale

    Still have this stuff
  12. Alterego

    90 gallon for sale

    It's in Portland now
  13. Alterego

    Stuff for sale

    If I knew what a beananimal overflow was I could answer that!!!(whistle)
  14. Alterego

    Stuff for sale

    Still have it. I can bring it and meet you over by Lewis and Clark College after 6 pm today