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  1. Auto Top off is gone. I still have the ocean revive fixture. I don’t know how old it is. All the LED’s work well.
  2. Sorry. I have most of those corals.
  3. Taylor, I’ve found that the roasting process will take away about 90% of the real nutritional value away from the nori. I would try to avoid that all together.
  4. Maybe some cool zoas or LPS? What do you have?
  5. Used Ocean Revive arctic T- 247 fixture for sale. With the wire hanger. Works great! Asking $75 or trade. JBJ auto too off with aqua lifter pump. Works great asking $50 or trade OBO
  6. No one said you can’t and no one said you can. The link was for informational purposes. I’ve seen them co-exist in tanks, I’ve also seen them wipe out expensive live stock. I guess we can’t have a differing opinion. I hope people make an informed decision before adding anything they are not educated about to their tank. The majano anemone CAN be a very bad pest. The beginner should know these things before they blindly put them in their system. But Hydnopora can also wipe out many expensive corals, so can urchins.
  7. According to this and many other websites, they will indeed sting and kill fish and corals. Buyer should always beware, there are lots of other inverts that can do the same thing: http://animal-world.com/Aquarium-Coral-Reefs/Manjano-Anemone
  8. I think those shrimp want to feed on live starfish. That’s been my experience anyway
  9. Cool phone video of my sea hare BF31E4AB-4AC5-4B0D-B58F-BFCCD889431A.MOV
  10. I’m looking to trade. Bring me offers. big Colony of this stuff. I’m looking to get a good chunk of live rock or ??
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