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  1. RoseCityAquarium

    WTB Anemones

    What happened to the green bubble tip you got from me?
  2. RoseCityAquarium

    Coral ID

    +1 .
  3. RoseCityAquarium

    PVC solvent

    Dont get the blue kind unless you like looking at blue stains on your plumbing. I would suggest the clear pvc glue, and if you don't use primer, sand the pvc and rough it up a little before glueing
  4. RoseCityAquarium

    paly name

    Definitely don't do that!! Bad for the hobby in my opinion. Nick
  5. RoseCityAquarium

    paly name

    Dont do that! Bad for the hobby.
  6. RoseCityAquarium

    Not sure what type of coral this is ?

    green psammocora
  7. RoseCityAquarium

    What happened to KUFO

    Mark, I think your sister was talking about you.
  8. RoseCityAquarium

    Choose your Avatar wisely!

    Nick at Rosecity has a cigar smoking shark. It is actually a shark eating a person.
  9. RoseCityAquarium

    Do you have this disease book?

    Pictures are not the best, the information is great.
  10. RoseCityAquarium

    Do you have this disease book?

    I have that book here at the shop. Nick
  11. RoseCityAquarium

    Sweet Used Tank Deal

    pm sent .
  12. RoseCityAquarium

    LiveAquaria buy?

    How many are you looking for? Thanks Nick
  13. I would like to set the record straight for the club. No sponsor complained about the last acan group buy. The store that was offering the group buy, did not buy or own the coral they were trying to sell in the group buy. The wholesaler complained because it was his coral. A shop needs to own the coral before they can offer a group buy on it. I hope that clears up any confusions and stops all the rumors going around. Nick
  14. RoseCityAquarium

    LiveAquaria buy?

    Yes, it is true, Liveaquaria, gets their fish and corals from the same suppliers that I go through to get my fish and corals. With that being said, there is not much, that I can think of, that Liveaquaria can order that most if not all real local fish stores can't order. Yes you can have your thread back, The members here were trying to give you some good advise. Suggesting seeing in person before buying a fish is some of the best advise I have heard on here. If you want to buy from Liveaquaria go for it. I'll bet, that alot of lfs here in Portland would match or beat their pricing.
  15. RoseCityAquarium

    Empire reef open for business?

    Hello? .