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  1. Welcome!! Keep the pics coming! =)
  2. Holly

    clown hosting clam

    I was feeling particularly punny this morning
  3. Tres magnifique! Got any more shots? I'm clammering for more photos..!
  4. Holly

    clown hosting clam

    It's no wonder the clam's OK with it - I hear bivalves go either way. (And he mollusk like your clown very much!)
  5. Holly


    Well, you know, that type of work is kinda dicey... (whistle)
  6. Sorry it took a day to reply Dave... You have a PM.
  7. Thanks! PS That's my fav Sinatra quote EVER!
  8. I need to sell a 12g Eclipse System because we're moving and I just had a baby so we're too busy to mess with it. I've had it about a year. I'm selling the whole shebang: about 10# LS about 10# LR (nice coralline) 1 MJ 1200 1 firefish heater in-water thermometer a few small hermits a couple of shrooms 50/50 Actinic/10K lamp that's only a few months old a new in-the-box extra replacement lamp 8 unused replacement carbon filters (if you wanna run carbon) No stand I never put on a fuge, sump, or little skimmer but ran it as-is. It has scratches on the front inside (a cleaning gone wrong) that'll need to be removed. It also needs to be cleaned (has algae on the acrylic). I haven't cleaned the acrylic recently because I knew it had to be broken down to sell it anyway. Whoever wants to buy it will have to come break it down to take it and do so soon since we're soon outta here... We live in Salmon Creek. I paid $160 for the Eclipse, $8 per bulb, $7 per 3-pk of filters, $20 for the MJ1200. I'm selling the whole thing with all the stock and extras for $100 since it's scratched. 'Don't want to break it up and sell off pieces because I need it all out of here for the move. You can respond here or PM me... 'Thought I'd list it here before putting it on Craigslist. Thanks! Holly
  9. I do mine from 10-6 and bracket it with actinics for 2 hrs on both ends and I do fine. I'm with Andy- if your stock looks good, it's fine! Happy Bunnyday everyone!(clap)
  10. *warning sirens* Don't do a 6-line! I was almost relieved when mine disappeared mysteriously. I'll never get another one, and my tank is 180g. They're 100lbs of mean packed into two inches of fish! (scary)
  11. I've only ever found ONE cadaver of a fish that died in my tank and I've had many disappear forever. (Well, not many but quite a few.) All else have just vanished into thin air. I've theorized what everyone else is saying--that the clean-up crew devours the fish as soon as it dies and you just never see the bones. Like jadams said, clowns are very territorial. Heinously so. I had a pair of clarks and the male died, so I put in another smaller one (a smaller one in a group at the marine shop), and she chased it non-stop until it 'disappeared' forever. A week or so later, I added another smaller one. She dive-bombed him, too, for about 2wks, but he managed to survive. Eventually she accepted him, but it was a longggggg ugly process. I wouldn't give up entirely on acclimating another fish to the one you have, but there might be some collateral damage before you land the right fish to withstand the pressure long enough to be accepted by the resident one... Good luck! I'm with the rest of the folks. The smaller ones were prob chased to death and eaten by the cleaners.
  12. Wow Cool! Here's a pic of sea hare eggs from google image search. Looks like that might be it..? http://www.seafriends.org.nz/enviro/habitat/f025832t.jpg
  13. Holly

    clown eggs

    Diet? How so? The tank gets mostly mysis with a little bit of spiru-enriched brine each evening, plus their romaine for nibbling (which the clowns usually don't touch, of course). I also occasionally feed little cut-up pieces of silversides too. What else should I be doing? ... This is the first spawn for this pair. My male of the original spawnings mysteriously died in early Dec so I got another little clark for her around Xmas. The female hatefully dive-bombed him nonstop from across the tank for the first 8 days (I thought he'd die from the stress) and then it took another 7 days before she allowed him to share one end of her anemone with her. Almost two months later, they finally laid this first batch. Seemed like a long transition time but he was a tenacious little bugger
  14. Holly

    clown eggs

    I'm sure they won't make it even if they DID hatch. My tank is kinda "survival of the fittest" and I don't have any way to remove the big rock they're on to try to relocate them. I was just hoping to enjoy the maturation process... I like watching the male harp over them. More than half of the eggs disappeared today, I just noticed. Not sure what's happening to them. The pair are very territorial and I haven't seen them letting anyone get near their area, so maybe it's the clowns themselves that're pecking at them..? My tank vasillates between 77-79 usually... Thanks for the info -8 days. I'll remember that, in case they lay some more!
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