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  1. Moving to Los Angeles and don't think I'm going to take my aquarium with me. It is currently running and setup and I would preferably like to sell it all as one, I will not be breaking it up at this time. I'm asking $900 for everything. Equipment: 24x24x24 glass rimless cube Vertex in-180 skimmer Tunze Osmolator Auto topoff eheim 1262 return pump/reactor feed Aquamaxx biopellet reactor Vortech Mp-40wes and if you want a coralife 4 bulb 30" t-5 fixture that's currently lighting it. It has a beananimal overflow so it's nearly silent. Only noise it makes is from the vortech. Livestock: 50 pounds of sculpted Marco rock Magnifica Anemone Pair of True Percula Solorensis Wrasse Mccoskers Wrasse Dispar Anthias Helfrichi Firefish Purple Firefish Exquisite Fairy wrasse Very small Blue tang and a couple small gobies w/pistol shrimp I will get updated pictures of the tank in the next day or so.
  2. Myself and many others have had bad experiences using silversides as an anemone food. Occasionally you'll get a bad one and it'll kill the anemone. I don't think that's the issue here, but I'd recommend not feeding silversides ime. I'd check your phosphates and see where they're at. Nitrates too for that matter.
  3. illcssd

    Radion led

    $600 or $615 with the hanging kit.
  4. illcssd

    2 ecotech marine radion xr30 led lights for sale

    None of my business.
  5. illcssd

    Unreal Rainbow acans

    Lol. Free advertising I guess?
  6. illcssd


    I'm in and out all day, Jesse. If I'm not here Patrick know's what's going on. I don't have time to read through the whole thread right now.
  7. illcssd


    We have room at the store and I can watch them for you till you figure it out. let me know, Jessie.
  8. illcssd

    Marine Ich - Myths and Facts

    I'm gonna print this out to hand out to people at the store. So hard trying to convince people to setup proper quarantines.
  9. illcssd


    I actually don't work Saturdays. The Flasher and Fairy wrasses don't actually sleep in the sand. They'll sleep in the rocks somewhere and make a mucus cocoon around them.
  10. illcssd


    Love that McCoskers's. It came in really nice! Hope it and the Picasso's do well for you. Introduce yourself next time you're here, Jesse. I have probably met you already but can't remember.
  11. illcssd

    WTS 210 Gallon Tank and Equipment

  12. illcssd

    WTS 210 Gallon Tank and Equipment

    What equipment does it come with?
  13. illcssd

    How Old is Your Oldest Fish?

    Patrick at SWF has a pair of Maroon's that are 14 or so. Had them longer than his kids. I hate her, she makes me bleed often when my hands are in the tank and I forget to watch her.
  14. illcssd

    SWF vs Sea Horse

    We use reef crystals for our inexpensive salt, now.
  15. illcssd

    How Many Sol's

    You can adjust the blue, royal blue, and white independently of each other.