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  1. I had a damsel that I ended up catching in a ziploc bag. Had even tried fishing for him before trying the ziploc (smallest hooks i had and salmon eggs, no luck). put a large ziploc in tank, rocks to weight it down, and food in it. Did this a few times and damsel charged in, blockd his exit with net. Recently caught a yellow tang with an open plastic jar. put jar in tank, fed only in jar for three or so days, tang started eating in jar, blocked exit with a net. Good luck!
  2. Looks like it got munched on. My pencil urchin likes to eat encrusting montipora.
  3. Not yet, thanks for reminder. I'll do it this week(whistle).
  4. Cleaning it out for a friend. Will accept paypal. Will ship. SEIO 1500-new in box- $50 SEIO 1100-new in box- $40 Marineland Black Diamond Carbon 1.87L/16oz - $10 (have 5) Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge 2.8 lbs- $20 Salifert Ca+ test kit- $15 (have 3) Salifert Strontium test kit- $20 Finnex titanium 200W heater-new in box-$25 Gen X PCX-30-used lightly-$55 GX 4100 1025gph-used-$35 3' Top Fathom Skimmer-$100
  5. Selling this beast for a friend.* I believe this is the ETSS 1400 but it could be a bigger one.* We measured as 5ft tall, 10 inch base.* ETSS specs say 1400 is 4ft tall.* Could be older model or ?* Used for approx. 2 yrs on 300gal. cube.* Retail is $1300.* Offers?
  6. Nice, looking good. Welcome to the site! I like those frags!
  7. [language filter], sorry to hear Nyles. Happy to help any way I can. Come and get whatever frags you want when your ready.
  8. josh

    food for anemone

    I feed my bta's frozen krill.
  9. Thanks Nyles! (rock2) Great looking rock and great deal, the 120 is coming to life! Thanks for the ballast as well, haven't made a wiring attempt yet, but sometime soon.(rock2)
  10. I had a bout with them this summer, picked them up on an aquacultured monti colony. did the freshwater dip and ended up losing the colony, but got rid of the beasties. I think I had the colony in my system about a week. Didn't notice them on any more montis at the time and to my knowledge I haven't had any since. Gotta start quarantining all that goes in the tank.
  11. I'd leave him. I've had anemones come back from powerhead run ins and be fine, tentacleless and worse. They are resillient creatures.
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