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  1. Thanks. Breeding is very fun. I use to have a breeding pair of maroon clowns.
  2. final price 250.00. Thats the lowest I can go.
  3. I am sorry but I really need to sell everything at once. Thanks for the interest.
  4. I want to first say that I am sorry for starting another thread for this aquarium. My first thread was a very general listing with no pictures. Knowing most people have seen the old thread a few times knew that I had not posted any pics. I will do my very best to describe whats all for sale with pictures and video. Mods, can you please close the old thread. Thanks. With that being said, I am selling my 24 Gallon Aquapod w/ 150w HQI Sunpod. The Aquapod sits on a Biocube stand. The Aquapod stand looked cheap to me. This tank fits perfect on the stand. As far as the livestock goes - There is a beautiful pair of Clownfish. The female is a grade A Picasso from donisreef and is just over 2 years old. The male comes from Rodys Onyx line and is 18 months old. They have been together for over 14 months. They have not laid eggs yet, but they clean there rock all day long. Definitely a mated pair on there way to laying eggs (as you can see in the video). Also included is a sixline wrasse and a really cool blenny that is half black and half yellow. There are also maybe 20 snails and 20 hermit crabs. There is 25 pounds of live rock. TONS of life and color on these rocks. The water is circulated with 3 pumps. One is a return pump from the back chamber and there is 2 Maxi Jet 1200 in the display tank. Other items included is a 60 dollar refractometer, half bucket of salt, food, and a few other items. This tank is truly a turn-key setup. With me finishing up my Accounting degree, classes are getting very tough and I just don't have time for this hobby right now. A couple things you should know is that the bulb in the light fixture is due for a change. Also, the legs on the light fixture started to crack - so I added some electrical tape for added support. I have found new legs online before that only cost about 18 bucks. The reason I did not get the new legs is because I was going to get a hanging kit for it. I just never got around to it. But the legs work just fine now. Thats about it. Please PM me here or call me at 541-441-8613. $325 OBO. Thanks VIDEO....
  5. I have a couple parties interested-- but no dice. price is 325.00. I was just offered 300.00 on marine breeder for the clowns alone, but I will not ship them. So I think 325.00 is more then fair.
  6. Thanks Jonas. They are very nice clowns. With the clowns being the center pieces I really don't want to sell them by themselves and be stuck with everything else. If I lived in a big city like Portland, I would be more willing to piece everything out. But living in little ol' Grants Pass, there is no market for this stuff. I doubt anybody would drive down from Salem for a six line wrasse. I have 250.00 into the 2 clowns. I would take 50.00 extra bucks for the whole pot - for a total over 300.00. Hell, the refractometer cost me 60.00. So basically you buy the clowns and the refractometer from me and I will toss in 3/4 bucket of salt, aquarium, stand, 150w HQI Sunpod, 25 pounds of live rock, plus much more....FOR FREE.
  7. Oh and one last this. The Female is just over 2 years old and the male is 18 months old. They are cleaning there rock all day long - but no eggs yet.
  8. here is some video of just the clowns. They are way nicer in person. Bear Grylls does a some guest commentating. Click on HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_8atIlnrmQ&feature=channel_video_title