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  1. Just stoppin by to say howdy. Some of you may remember tradeing with me back when I had my walk around tank and the big Beautiful corals and anemones. I miss my tank.....so I am returning to see pictures of your tanks. I sold my tank to Isaak. My big anemone went to a very nice guy that lives near me but I dont recall his name. Short term memory problems I guess. I was just wondering if my nice Bozo the clownfish and anemone were still kickin it somewhere togather. Have a great day. This may jog your memory as to who I a. I have to use Oxygen and am a big guy. Jay
  2. Agree....buy a ro unit
  3. If you are running carbon in your tank it needs to go into a phosphate reactor before back into your tank. Lots of brands of carbon leech p04 into the water. You basicly need 2 phosphate reactors. One for carbon then install it inline with a reactor with GFO. Also...cal reactor effluent should go through gfo also..Reactor media that says phosphate free....not necessarily the case all the time. Ive had issues maintaining bright colors also. I almost went to the extreem of buying all that ZEO stuff and the probiotic stuff....then realized that bills are more important to me then bright sps corals. I always look back at how happy I was with my old 55 gallon tank and the soft and stonys that were in it. Someday I will have another sofyt/stony/anemone tank.. Jay
  4. I have a duel DI chamber with Duel tds meters for sale....if ya need one. Only 35 bucks...
  5. Jay

    pistol shrimp goby pair

    Carpet surfing....is that devoured by a carpet anemone....or too to the air and left the tank? lol...carpet surfing...lol
  6. Jay

    pistol shrimp goby pair

    Here was my old pair. I had them for about 2 years then they went MIA. I expect it was a cave excavation accident. Awesome Robert....do you have your big tank installed yet? I want to come see it when it is and the anemones and fish are all installed in their new home
  7. Just like the title says. I need a probe for my ph meter.......if anyone has one that works... Jay
  8. Reefit is very helpful person....Thanks again for helping me with my tank. Now I just wish it would sell.......
  9. Brandon...you already have some of 6this milli..... Im not positive.....but Im pretty sure that was in my tank at one time...hehe
  10. That is after the ro but before the di right? And your membrain is fine right?
  11. Like the title says.....whats your waters ppm after the ro filter but before the DI resins have filtered it? I want to know because mine is 16 ppm and was wondering if my membrane is bad? By the way.....my aquarium is still for sale and has been reduced another hundred twentyfive bucks to $525. whoever gets this also gets the rest of my powerheads and misc crap thats left in a bucket....(like that's really incentive right...but the cash reduction is) Kinda a duel purpose thread Jay
  12. OOhhh....have I got a deal for you today.....525$ and its in your truck.... Jay wants to go buy a new HDTV.....hehehe
  13. Somebody come buy this.....bump bump
  14. Why thank you Jackaninny....nudge nudge nudge to the top (naughty)
  15. Ok...its now down to 550 bucks..someone come take it