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  1. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    I will help you spend some money Kim, lets go mobile home shopping......
  2. RedSea Reefer 170 FS

    Bump $399
  3. RedSea Reefer 170 FS

    Bump .. I will throw in some extras, Evergrow LED , UV Sterilizer , ect.
  4. Free 2 totes of fish gear "Today Only"

    All Gone....... Mods please close
  5. I am cleaning out the fish misc boxes . Lot's of good stuff all free however you must take it all. Korillia's pumps , fish food , frozen food , bulkheads , lots of plumbing , heaters , dart hybrid pump (year old need new seal) Fish trap , ect , ect . Call or text only till 7 pm 8/20/16 tonight then most will be donated. 503 - 729 - 5963 Jon
  6. RedSea Reefer 170 FS

    We are moving and don't want to set up a tank at the new place. Tank info is online but i believe 34g tank 9g sump. Comes with Tank , Stand and Sump with built in ATO. Low iron glass , Has top custom screen mesh. Tank has one small chip in front bottom outer corner glass(size of tic tac) Below caulk line so no issues with leaks $450 I have everything for this tank and it is setup and running at the moment but it always seems easier to sell just the tank. If someone want's everything when they come look at the tank we can discuss livestock and equipment.
  7. I count 13 large and small polyps
  8. Sorry about the delay. My house was on the market last week and ive been dealing with inspections all last week and this next week.It will get going i just need a bit of time.
  9. Red sea reefer 150 I think its 40g total tank volume. Evergrow LED fixture I Run it about 50% power Generic skimmer. No dosing Occasionally I run UV and a Phos reactor. Approx 50 pounds of rock. Because honesty is a great Karma builder. I will admit to 5 polyps plus a tiny baby on the side.Total of 6( even though you cant see them well in the pics)
  10. I have paid and kim is picking it up for me at the meeting.
  11. UPDATE: we are still doing this .We have are house going on the market in a couple weeks and it has striped me of any free time. I will try to get pics of the zoa's that we can choose from in the next week up for people to choose. .
  12. Ok so here is a update. Planetzoa offer is 25% off any wysiwyg purchase and 10% off any cut-to-order items. Bonus frags for every $100 spent ( could be zoa ,lps ,sps) Zoathids.com offer is 20% off plus free shipping. Some freebies as well. so look throught and see what you would like and if we do one buy or a buy with both .
  13. Still waiting for reply's back from vendors. If i dont hear back by Monday i will resend emails.