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  1. Hey everyone.. sad announcement... I just wanted to thank everyone on the boards for being so friendly to me and all of my customers for being supportive during my reintroduction to working as a fish guy...but my time has been cut short. I was let go of my position last night, it was very sudden and for me very sad. I couldnt have asked for a better job or a better boss, but I guess it was just no longer meant to be... I was let go due to financal reasons to end any future rumors. I have no hard feelings towards Coral Reef Pet Center or Jason, IMO CRPC is still the finest shop I have ever seen...And jason is still the coolest guy I know. I am not sure if I am going to continue the hobby, and I dont know if I'll stick around on the boards... With the christmas season coming up and a young son to take care of, I think I'll spend all of my time looking for work, so if anyone of you have any work for an out of work LFS guy, let me know..I aint proud. Foxy signing out.
  2. I'll order them monday... I dont wanna do the paypal thing, if you want some I'll hold on to them until you come up, but I dont really wanna mess around with shipping
  3. We are using these variety because we like them, no other fantastic reason
  4. Price is going to be 5.00/100 golf tees. These tee's are going to be 32mm in length which is almost 1.5in. This price is going to be for group order only.
  5. Reefkeeping is different in every location..if you live in the midwest you expect to find less of a selection and higher prices... having a local board really seems to help out
  6. The majority of the nudi's will hide under the coral and are hard to identify even under inspection. I personally use a lugols type solution to kill them off. The shrimp seem to go after easier prey like the fish food that is fed than worry about nudis.
  7. I am not sure I agree with taking out the live rock to "dry it out". I think that will do more harm than good. Aiptasia anemones are best dealt with using a kalkwasser solution or joes juice, and then kept in check using peppermint shrimp.. just my .02
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/Orange-Castle-Golf-Tee-26mm-pack-of-1000_W0QQitemZ180047834894QQihZ008QQcategoryZ18931QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item180047834894 Shhh.. dont tell anyone..its a secret
  9. Thanks for the post Mister Crabs, I think we are all going for the "castle" variety of golf tee's. I think I found about a 1000 of them on Ebay for just under 40 dollars shipped, I think thats gonna be the winner.
  10. were trying to figure that out... as of right now I dont have a price for ya....just tell me how much you wanna spend, and we'll split them up when we get them.
  11. Hey folks... lets get organized I need golf tee's. I dig the ones that upscales uses, I want to purchase some like them... I want to purchase alot 200 to 300... I think Michael7979 wants about the same number. This thread is ONLY for people jumping on board with the group buy and for the people who know where to get the best deal..no arguing, no these golf tee's are better than those golf tee comments or anything of the sort.. if you want tee's put your name on the list, with amount of tees you want..
  12. Are the black helicopters keeping you awake at night yet? That is some serious dedication!
  13. noone around this area... i.e. Oregon Every now and again we'll slip out of there with someone off the charts..but most of it is spoken for already
  14. He could care less about having local customers..... He makes more shipping to other states as is... He flat out told us that he loses money by having LFS stores pop in to cherry pick his stuff..besides...most of his top notch stuff is already sold... just lettin' ya know. We go up on average once a week..and we still dont get any of the "top shelf" stuff.
  15. Good luck, he wont let you through the door unless you have a storefront.
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