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  1. I did my own version of the Triton method. Kinda the lazy mans way of doing it. Been running that way since 2013. I supplement with ammino acids, and feed heavily. I made it about 2 years without a water change and had significant growth and success with the method. There does come a point when maintaining equipment will force you to do some water changes. Just things like soaking the return pumps, vacuuming the sump, or cleaning the plumbing etc. I do have all of the equipment for the ATI Essential way chillin in the garage right now but have not set that up do to some things going on in my life at the moment. IME I think something that is not mentioned with this method is just how high of water movement you need for this method to really work. You need to keep the detritus suspended so it can be removed. It will be a big part of making this successful IME. I included carbon dosing with vodka as part of my regiment. I highly recommend that as well. I would also recommend still testing your salinity on occasion. You are going to be pulling skimmate out and some of that salt will need to be supplemented back in. My reason for switching was a physical one. I had a pretty bad injury that I had to recover from and I could not physically do a water change on my tank for over a year. I had 11 years in the hobby when I made the switch. For me personally my tank did better after switching then it did when I was doing 20% water changes once a week. I would recommend it as a method, but you have to plan for all of it, not just the not doing water change part. JME.
  2. I did some of the photography for the ATI Essential method and followed some of their tanks over a 6 month period to document growth, color change etc. From what I saw there was a significant increase in color and growth at around the 4 month mark. How long have you been running it?
  3. pledosophy

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    Ha! Of all people you need this! Hope it keeps you in the hobby for a long long time.
  4. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    I have never experienced bleaching relating to alk levels with a ULNS myself. I do feed quite a bit, but through carbon dosing keep the nitrate and phosphate levels next to nothing. I think because of that my experience might be a bit different. I'm feeding multiple times a day. IME supplementing potassium can help with bleaching issues related to light if you encounter it again. Brightwell makes a good one. I joke that I feed my fish banana for potassium, but you're gonna be better off with a real product IME. Glad you found what is working for you.
  5. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    I am glad you got that figured out. If you are trying to grow sticks I would encourage you to try raising that ALK up to 10 or 11. If my Alk was at 8 I would kinda panic. While that is the minimum number and used by some I have had much better success at number closer to 10-11. The main thing is that it remains stable. HTH
  6. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    No worries Homie. Nothin to apologize for. IME I have found most calculators to be pretty close, but they don't replace actually testing it in your system. Also sometimes products change but the calculators are not updated. Different batches of the same product can be different, estimations on water volume can be different. I usually find it best to add some. Find out how it affects your system. Then determine the rest from there. Just different strokes for different folks I guess.
  7. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    I used the product he is using for 2 years. I am familiar with it and how it affects a tank
  8. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    I didn't ignore it actually. For a tank his size the water volume is an estimate. 100mL will raise it a specific amount and that will tell you how much more you need to go. Even if it over shot it by a bit, that amount in that size of a tank isn't going to be a big deal IME. 100mL is a conservative starting point. Setting your doser for alk is a continually changing thing IME. As the frags grow into colonies their needs will change. We're talking about talking about two tenths of a point difference between dosing 100mLor 149mL. That is not going to make or break a tank at all. I have dosed tanks up 3 full points in one shot. JME
  9. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    Looks like my guesstimate was pretty close. That's what 18 years in the hobby will do for ya.
  10. pledosophy

    Dosing questions

    I would guess for that volume it is going to be cheaper for you to switch to a CA reactor soon. I would start by dosing 100mL. Then test to see how much that raised your ALK. Then you can adjust from there. In my 120 once it was fully stocked I was going through about 300mL of 2 part a day. HTH
  11. The ocean is a crazy place. Enjoy! https://gizmodo.com/this-deep-sea-fisherman-is-still-posting-his-discoverie-1830402780?fbclid=IwAR18cjLlO6vsXDiQp3eveU3iw9NUJBj-9_F8L53Em8X9KMvl5LkXlYY89eg
  12. https://apsari.com/sharks-nature-sea-antarctica-ocean-wonder-of-nature
  13. pledosophy

    15 minutes - bye bye corraline

    Thank you for making the rest of us feel less guilty about how often we scrape the front of our tanks. I let mine go three days last week and felt back. With your inspiration I might let it go 4 days this week
  14. pledosophy

    Sudden pH drop

    A .8 drop and no death is almost always a probe issue. If you have had the air conditioning on and the doors closed constantly for awhile it can cause pH problems as well. We normally only see that in the winter, but with the smoke lately I know many of us have had the houses closed up. Since the smoke is gone I would recommend opening a window today for a bit as a just in case method. Get some fresh air into the house. Good luck!
  15. pledosophy

    ATO Stayed on last night

    You probably won't see any ramifications from a .002 change. I think that was pretty common in the hobby back before auto top offs (ya I've been in this that long). I used to dump 3g of water into my tank every other day or so. This is exactly why my reservoir tank is not plumbed directly to my RODI via float switch. That woulda been bad. Seen some great tanks die from that. Good luck to you.