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  1. Thanks Homie, I've had some of those colonies for 12 years now. Might be kinda fun to do something different too. I mean growing something from a polyp to 24" across is pretty cool, but variety is the spice of life. Looking at the RedSea 750xxl. That's why I kept the Apex and Reactor I'll probably be setup down there by the middle of April. Depends on some travel plans.
  2. I'll pop in to bug you as often as I can. Cheers friend.
  3. Bro, read up a few clicks. I already posted it was sold when you asked for location. I sold it about 15 minutes after posting.
  4. Alright my friends our good friend Randall has setup another tank! Shocking I know. Now is your chance to really get in on some action. How long until his current tank is listed in the classifieds? You can bet based on number of weeks. Prices right rules to pick the winner.
  5. Thanks man! It is very weird to be leaving. I've been in this club for 12 years now. Gonna miss you folks. It's a standard 120g. 4x2x2 I have been growing that OME out for about 10-11 years now. I considered trying to ship it, but I just don't want to chance it.
  6. Boy this is tough to even write. My systems are up for sale. Never thought I'd say that. First up 120g system. What you see is what you get basically. I will be keeping the Calcium reactor and the Apex, everything else is included. List: 120g starphire glass tank with black silicone. Some scratches but good shape. Brown stand and canopy (the canopy's top is not attached but I do have it) Inside of stand could use a good cleaning. Some chips on outside stain for stand that need touch up. 6 Bulb ATI fixture. I replaced the bulbs in September. Currently running around 14k. Reefstar DC skimmer, I think I have an extra impeller for it too. Jeabo return pump Jeabo powerhead Single doser Two little fishies reactor ATO dual float switch with tom's pump. Not sure on LR, I would guess over 100 lbs, but not really sure. Some larger pieces. Corals at least 9 RBTA's, there is some green on the base but I am hesitant to call them rainbows. 3 different OME colonies, probably close to 200 eyes in total. Huge pagoda cup that is kinda pissed off Blasto colony, baseball sized Brain Some zoos, a favia, really pissed off orange monti, gorg, Fish Sailfin tang, been with me 2-3 years never a spot of ich Powder Blue Tang, been with me 4 years never a spot of ich 2 12 year old CB clowns 2 Chromis 1 Yellow watchmen goby If you have been to my house and seen my tank before it is not in the same condition as when it was a pristine SPS system. I have had a family member who was battling cancer and recently lost that fight. I was out of state for much of the last few months. My tank looks a bit like I was out of state the last few months, but the pictures are from today. $750 takes it. OBO I will part out individual items but prefer to sell as a whole.
  7. You don't have an email account? My PM box on the site is probably way over. I was a volunteer for the PNWMAS for about 9 years and when I stepped down the infinite space in the mail box went with it. I have never sorted through the thousands of mails I have. But you can direct email me at that email address above. Others have. It works You can let me know here too if you like, but I don't check here to often anymore.
  8. I have a 120g and a 90g I need to sell.The 90g includes tank, stand, sump, return pump and 2 Ocean revive lights and rock. The 120g would come with corals, fish, rock, sump, return pump ATI 6 bulb T5 light, skimmer, stand and canopy. Neither will be "free" but I do need to get rid of them quick so, a great deal is to be had. You might be surprised kpfrenzel@yahoo.com is best.
  9. I did my own version of the Triton method. Kinda the lazy mans way of doing it. Been running that way since 2013. I supplement with ammino acids, and feed heavily. I made it about 2 years without a water change and had significant growth and success with the method. There does come a point when maintaining equipment will force you to do some water changes. Just things like soaking the return pumps, vacuuming the sump, or cleaning the plumbing etc. I do have all of the equipment for the ATI Essential way chillin in the garage right now but have not set that up do to some things going on in my life at the moment. IME I think something that is not mentioned with this method is just how high of water movement you need for this method to really work. You need to keep the detritus suspended so it can be removed. It will be a big part of making this successful IME. I included carbon dosing with vodka as part of my regiment. I highly recommend that as well. I would also recommend still testing your salinity on occasion. You are going to be pulling skimmate out and some of that salt will need to be supplemented back in. My reason for switching was a physical one. I had a pretty bad injury that I had to recover from and I could not physically do a water change on my tank for over a year. I had 11 years in the hobby when I made the switch. For me personally my tank did better after switching then it did when I was doing 20% water changes once a week. I would recommend it as a method, but you have to plan for all of it, not just the not doing water change part. JME.
  10. I did some of the photography for the ATI Essential method and followed some of their tanks over a 6 month period to document growth, color change etc. From what I saw there was a significant increase in color and growth at around the 4 month mark. How long have you been running it?
  11. Ha! Of all people you need this! Hope it keeps you in the hobby for a long long time.
  12. I have never experienced bleaching relating to alk levels with a ULNS myself. I do feed quite a bit, but through carbon dosing keep the nitrate and phosphate levels next to nothing. I think because of that my experience might be a bit different. I'm feeding multiple times a day. IME supplementing potassium can help with bleaching issues related to light if you encounter it again. Brightwell makes a good one. I joke that I feed my fish banana for potassium, but you're gonna be better off with a real product IME. Glad you found what is working for you.
  13. I am glad you got that figured out. If you are trying to grow sticks I would encourage you to try raising that ALK up to 10 or 11. If my Alk was at 8 I would kinda panic. While that is the minimum number and used by some I have had much better success at number closer to 10-11. The main thing is that it remains stable. HTH
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