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  1. SULLY

    Good size rock covered in mushrooms FS

    We’ll see 😉
  2. SULLY

    Good size rock covered in mushrooms FS

    I think it might be time to get back into the game 👍
  3. SULLY

    Good size rock covered in mushrooms FS

    I’ll take them. PM sent
  4. PM sent. I would be interested in some other stuff also
  5. Last price drop to $275 and comes with a RIO pump
  6. Just FYI, this is a 1/4 HP chiller in case anyone was wondering the size. Thanks, Jason
  7. I have a Pacific Coast CL650 chiller for sale that is almost new. This was used for a few months before the system was taken down. I have a submersible pump to go along with it so you only need some hose and your'e done. If I remember correctly, this will drop a 180 gallon system 10 degrees and obviously it will drop a smaller system even more. I would like $350 for the combo which is more than fair. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, Jason SULLY736@HOTMAIL.COM
  8. SULLY

    "TWO GIRLS" WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just talked to at my shop a few days prior to him passing. This blows!
  9. SULLY

    "TWO GIRLS" WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, this month has sucked royally thus far!
  10. I am sorry to tell all of you that one of ours has passed on. Out of respect for him and his family, I will not discuss anything unless they want to. Please say a prayer for his wife, kids, and the rest of his family to help cope with this unbelievable lost. Gonna miss you buddy and I hope your'e in a better place :USA: Sincerely, Jason
  11. Lots and lots of flow! My experience with the light doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Flow and food seem to be what makes all the difference.
  12. SULLY

    WTB- 1/2 horse Chiller

    I have that PCI 2hp for cheap!
  13. SULLY

    Big Props to Jason!!!

    You guys are very welcome and the deal was well deserved. I enjoyed having you by and would love to have you guys back anytime you want. Sincerely, Jason
  14. Well, unless the undercover police officer is lying, I don't think there is much to wonder about. This is not something surprising to me at all. It has been know for a LONG time that he has a thing for females and there is nothing wrong with that until you cross the line. When you are a business owner or even an employee, you are under the microscope more than if you were some joe blow walking through the mall and grabbed someone's butt. I know alot of people who will not take their wife or girlfriend into his establishment because of his actions. People who know me already are aware of my feelings towards this business anyways, this just validates my point that much more!