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  1. Queen Angel

    Free Ugly Regal Tang

    Sounds good. I responded to your private message. Tammy
  2. Queen Angel

    Free Ugly Regal Tang

    I got a regal tang that has lost his top and bottom fins, but they are growing back. He is about 4-5 inches. He also had trouble in his stomach area at one time. The lady had said he got ich, Im assuming he really got bad and had other issues too. Im doing a water change tomorrow, and plan on catching him then. Could catch him at anytime today though too. I will put him in the sump for now, hoping someone has a bleeding heart. Come save this fish from doom! Tammy 503-957-5625
  3. Queen Angel

    Looking for Damsels and other small fish

    I have a Regal Tang you can have. But he is one ugly fish right now. I got him from someone off craigslist about 6 months back. They had caught it and put it in a tupperware bowl, and I really didn't look at it very well. Once I got it home, I seen that his top and bottom fins must of rotten away and one time. He's tummy looks like it really got damaged too. (The girl said it had a bad case of ick and one time) The fins have grown back only slightly, but are growing back. He's tummy still looks bad though. I caught him recently and put him in my smaller tank, trying to figure out what to do with him. The tank he is in was planned to just have small little fish in, so I don't want him in there either. So if you want to give this guy a try... let me know. If not maybe someone else would be interested in him. Tammy
  4. Queen Angel

    Welcome Baby Isla !!!

    Congrats to the both of you!!
  5. I personally would go with having a U.V. sterlizer on your new tank. I have one on my Fish Mostly tank. I like you said.. It can't hurt. But maybe there is a benefit for not having one if its a Reef tank only. That I wouldnt know. I have described to this thread, and I have been enjoying it! Tammy
  6. Queen Angel

    Painting a Tank

    All great advice you have been getting! I didn't want to have my blackground to be permanent, because I like a change from time to time. I measured the back, from molding to molding and went to Tap Plastic. I had them cut me a piece of black and a piece of blue acrylic that I can change out when I want a change. You only have to tape the top ridge so water doesnt get splashed between the glass and acrylic. I know alot of people paint the backs to get away from having to deal with tape. I try to keep the inside back of my tank free of coraline algae. That way it almost lookslike the tank goes on forever. I have my lights more forward on the tank to cast a shadow on the back which helps with this effect. I call the blue background my summer look, and the black my winter look, LOL. Coraline algae on the live rock with the black background looks pretty cool. Also when I do have my blue background on, the back comes out looking a little greenish compared to the blue acrylic. Might not happen with paint though, not sure. Good luck on your tank, Tammy
  7. Queen Angel

    Lots of stuff for sale

    Im interested in the blue damsel. Is it possible to pick up today? Tammy 503-957-5625
  8. Queen Angel

    Update to the update of the special needs tank

    I havent been on the forum much in quite awhile, but I did just come across this post this morning. You can count me in to help with the set-up. Hopefully nothing comes up to make me have to back out. So far, I dont see a probelm with that. Tammy 503-245-3669
  9. Queen Angel

    FREE mushrooms

    Do you still have these? Tammy
  10. Queen Angel

    WTB: Cuban or Spanish Hogfish

    Just thought I would put this out there. I was looking for a Spanish Hog for awhile, but I came across a Peppermint Hog at Upscales Fish. He is pretty cool, red and white striped. He is turning out to be my favorite fish. Tammy
  11. Queen Angel

    best way for catching a fish

    Ditto on the middle of the night method. I would use a strong bright flashlight and blind him the whole time while I caught him. Another way I have tried was to use a thin piece of plastic( from a poster frame) and used it to divide the tank in half. That way only messed up half the tank. Works if your tank aquascaping is divided in the center like mine. The bottle method works too, but you might catch everyone except who you want at first. I think the bigger the fish the easier it is to catch with the night time/flashlight method. Good luck!!
  12. Queen Angel

    Purple Hairy Mushrooms WTT

    What kind of cash would you be looking for them? I would like to possible buy one. The green hairy ones seem to be safe in my tank with my angels, so I would like to try for one of these. Tammy
  13. Queen Angel

    Looking for a Convict Tang

    Thanks Bob. I ended up getting a very nice looking blue line rabbitfish from Travis at Upscales. He is doing very well and is really starting to get over his shyness. From the first day I put him in the tank, he started eating pellets, brine shrimp and nori. I just love him!! Tam
  14. Queen Angel

    Looking for a Convict Tang

    So who is this Blue Ocean Marine? He private messaged me telling me why should I buy from Vance or Travis when I could buy from him? He said he is wholesale only.. yet he was trying to get me to buy from him. I thought he might of been a sponsor on this forum but I dont see his name here. What happened to wholesale meaning to business owners only? I know this might steer up something... but I just dont think it is right what he was doing. Tammy
  15. Queen Angel

    Looking for a Convict Tang

    That must of been an awesome sight!