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  1. I have at least five pieces of xenia ranging from 3" open to about 8" open all attached to small 2" to softball sized pieces of live rock. am willing to trade for softies zoa's or anything intresting looking to a five year old. I also have some purple mushrooms and a 2head and 3head piece of what I was told was a candycane light flouresant green, and some very green GST. Will try to post pic's tomarrow if anyone is interested thanks for looking.
  2. J & Jr

    A little advise please

    Michael that was a great idea I did a small WC tonight with the water I had on hand, and mixed up some new thinking to do another soon. will test and supplement as needed before adding to the tank wait a day then checkand see where I'm at. thanks everyone
  3. J & Jr

    A little advise please

    Thanks holly that was a good read and I am going to try tis out.
  4. my water has always tested fine,the other day I got a Mag. test kit because I have never tested for that. tested the tank and it was a little low around 1080ppm so I got some Teck-M from kent dosed the tank and now my Cal seems to have dropped to around 280 And my dKH to around 8.0 they used to run about 400 and 9.3. I have been dosing kent cal., kent tech-M and reef builder for the last 4 days and the next day everything is back down. any clue whats wrong? how do I get things back to normal? All other tests seem fine, PH 8.0, Phos. 0.1, Ammonia-NO2-NO3 at 0.0, thanks for any suggestions
  5. J & Jr

    Macro algae

    I would just ask in classifieds someone will most likely give you some I fact I will give you some if you want the only problem is it’s here in Clackamas right off 205 just let me know.
  6. J & Jr

    Thanks to Izzypop

    Thanks for showing us different ways and some ingenuous solutions for some of the puzzles in our hobby. Your tank looks great and it was fun meeting people so close to home. I wish I could have stayed longer.
  7. J & Jr

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    My tank has been getting up to 81.5 and I started to freeze bottles just in case and then had a thought wy not just freeze DI water to put in the tank? it cools the tank and adds topoff water at the same time:) it's been working great so far.
  8. Myself and possibly wife and son
  9. J & Jr

    Thanks to Reefhut

    Just wanted to say thanks once again for the frag's and I owe you a big one for the serpent star my son loves that critter his favorite fish in the tank and I probibly never would have thought to buy one.(clap)
  10. J & Jr

    fresh water fish for food

    Thanks Impur and Nyles, I hope feeding him everyday is not harmful because my son heads straight for the tank every day to play with and feed his new best friend. he is totaly captivated and says that this is the only fish in the tank that Knows him:)
  11. A couple weeks ago I got a serpent star from another member which my son fell in love with. He loves to watch him come out to feed. And has started to hand feed him wiggling a chunk of shrimp till he all but crawls into his hand to eat. Now to my question we ran out of shrimp this weekend but have plenty of frozen trout in the freezer is there any reason this would be harmful to any of the tanks inhabitants? I have heard it said feeding goldfish is not good for saltwater fish. Is this true? Would trout be the same? thanks for your help
  12. Your tanks coming along great hope to see it soon. You Have a PM
  13. J & Jr

    Filter socks- yes or no?

    I use filter socks on both returns and have noticed a much clearer tank, also helps control microbubbles in sump also quieted splashes and gurgles comming from sump. I wash once a week and have noticed no increase in nitrates so far.I realy like socks just my 2 cents.
  14. J & Jr

    Closed loop pump opinions

    Austin you’ve seen my thread on my 75gal. Joel talked me into the snapper for my CL one intake 2” and four returns 1” with lockline I loved how they moved the water around until I put all my live rock in since then because of the currents I have truble keeping the sand in place without cutting it back some. I’m hoping that when I add the OM fourway with the streams alternating I will be able to open it back up. I love how quiet the snapper is. Good luck with your tank can’t wait to see it. By the way the clam I got yesterday seems to love the new tank and is already firmly attached to the rock although not exactly where I would have wanted(laugh)
  15. J & Jr

    I've Been slimed, What to do?

    I wish I could have but the camera was at home and I didn't feel like I could wait I was afraid things were starting to go down hill fast.will have the camera tomorrow and will take pic's if things have not improved by then. keeping my fingers crossed.