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  1. let me rephrase my earlier post.... he only picks on dogs who arent submissive. we also have a mini dachsund who was a runt and is very submissive. they get along perfectly. Its ok tho cuz my wife told me no more dogs...lol we already had him neutered when we got him. he was a rescue of sorts. the previous owner had him and his sister but never socialized them with other dogs. We adopted him when she was trying to give him to the animal control authorities who happened to be in the neighborhood picking up a very sick stray. She claimed that he was beginning to try to mate with his sister and had issues with going to the bathroom in the house. Turns out she kept them locked in thier kennels most of the time and her grandkids had terrorized the dogs with brooms, vacuums, sticks, anything they could ram into the kennel or stick thru the holes. We found this out about a month after we brought him home and noticed he would attack the vacuum and broom. we confronted her about his "issues" and she finally came clean. Even offered to take him back. Of course we refused and even offered to take the sister from her as well as she had been contemplating giving her away. The sister had already been given away. Long story short some people should not own animals and should research the breed before they drop $3200 on a pair of purebred pups! lol
  2. I have a male thats 5yrs. would love to have another one but he doesnt seem to like other dogs. I wonder if it being a puppy he would take to it because it would be submissive to him and its the same type of dog? Would love to have a little girl for him to play with. theyre so cute even when they get fully grown.
  3. If you are staying in the excalibur check out Dick's Last Resort restaraunt. Food isnt real cheap but the atmosphere late at night is great. definately not kid friendly unless its middle of the day. basically the waiters and staff are paid to be as rude as possible which makes for some fun interactions. (i.e. throwing of food, swearing, breaking things) I had a good time.
  4. I love vegas. sad that I moved away from there..... trying all i can do to move back!!
  5. didnt know you needed a pump too. I have a quiet one 3000 that I used for that tank when i ran it.
  6. i plan on jumping back into the hobby in a few months with a biocube 29g (again). will definately be doing the LED kit i have seen others do
  7. tank and lights sold. thanks ryan pumps, ATO, and skimmers still available.
  8. Mine is still for sale. Can meet in Salem if u don't find anything else
  9. I have a maxijet 1200 with the eco mod for it. Its in the sale forum
  10. still for sale. can possibly deliver as far north as salem. south to eugene
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