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  1. ONLY LIGHTS LEFT....contact if interested, please no more tire kickers(if your not really interested, please dont waste my time)
  2. so I have my duel 400w HQI MH ballast and 2 20k XM bulbs (1 burned in and taken off system, other is used) and a used 10k radium(still ok but its used) Ballast made by PFO-------$200 DIY calc reactor made by Charles(think its wannareef on boards) worked great but comes with no pump or media/reactor is 17"tall and tubes are 4" dia-----------------------$100obo http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q35/dav536/Picture.jpg Thanks for looking
  3. Come on no one wants a nice cube for a good price? If you like make me a offer and I will see if it works for me.
  4. your right I just went and remeasured...its only 1/2" thick. I looked at my orig order and I requested 5/8" but I was informed it would not be. sorry for any probs with numbers
  5. reef165 is correct...2 overflows in the corners. It was built by invisions(sp?)never had issues with bowing, it was built very well and still is in very nice condition.
  6. 5/8 not 3/4" and no issues like bowing Thanks for looking
  7. I need to get the tank and stand out of garage so I can work...so first one with $300 gets it. Tank is in very good shape, NO Buffing needed on this one. http://s132.photobucket.com/albums/q35/dav536/?action=view&current=Picture122.jpg
  8. well I made a mistake and forgot my first pump went out and was sent a KNOCK OFF sedra 9000, but pump is equal to the 9000(viaAqua) Sorry for the mixup
  9. Skimmer dims: LxWxD 7x11x8/footprint 24 1/2" tall also comes with sedra 900 pump, works good
  10. Updated prices....really need to get tank gone, to big to store.
  11. Ha...sorry about that...nope its a 400w
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