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  1. Thanks for the ideas folks! I think the real challenge will be to make it nice and seamless, and dealing with the rounded posts. I'll keep you guys updated.
  2. Sry Clark, hopefully the tongue-in-cheek translated effectively with my emojis. πŸ˜› I used these industrial wire racks for closet-reefin' in the past, but currently I have no way to conceal them elegantly...so I'm examining ways to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Curious if anyone has tried this in the past, or if I'm missing a good solution beyond magnets and maybe Corian custom panels. Honestly, the more DIY, the better.
  3. Hey, Curious George...just answer the question! Jesus christ...😜 I'm considering turning my small downtown studio into a lab first (ReefLabs 2.0 brah!), and I can sleep on the couch or a hammock. But I would like to avoid the 'sweaty-wife-beater, salt-creep/wires everywhere' stigma of yore... when I'm entertaining guests who might be less than accustomed to mad marine scientists... Basically what i said, how to make industrial wire shelving slick looking...I'm planning on stacking tanks. πŸ€”
  4. Curious if anyone has any ideas re: skinning/ adding a facade to industrial wire shelving...a la Uline. I'm leaning towards laser cut panels of something with magnets. Priority one is a seamless facade with zero light bleed... thoughts? Beuller?.......Beuller? πŸ˜› Derp...forgot the link: sry, here's an example: https://www.uline.com/BL_3878/Chrome-Wire-Shelving
  5. Thanks. I got all sorts of custom sump and stand ideas i need to get out of my head and start experimenting in a modeling environment. Noticing a lot of freely available models from places like 8020 and grainger. I'm assuming those models can be used regardless of the CAD client you're importing into or do some model formats not work with some CAD software?
  6. Playing with Sketchup but also looking at revit and fusion 360... anyone with CAD xp have any advice? I’m CAD-illiterate... πŸ€—
  7. Yer insane, but It’s nice to be back in the asylum... πŸ™ƒ
  8. A lil' bird on the ground told me last night... πŸ˜›
  9. haha, some things never change. Save yer cajones and just get a natural looking colony that will grow at a measurable rate. πŸ˜›
  10. So many AIO nano options...! I have so much DIY juice coursing through my veins but frankly I just need to get a box cycling asap so I can at least start cultivating a base of microfauna. Eventually would like an inter-connected system spanning display, growout, refugiums, etc. but utilizing a single sump. will see.
  11. Hey Chewie! Good to be back. Unfortunately I'm in a small downtown highrise studio with minimal closet space, but can't say I haven't thought about taking out some furniture to make room for water and slinging up a hammock. πŸ˜›
  12. Ya Than probably has an ASMR audience with the quality of his audio and his tone. It's meditative...πŸ™ƒ
  13. well said, and I should know better having been on and off the MO wagon since '83. Just trying to delay the inevitable I suppose... πŸ€—
  14. Hey Krux! Nice headshot! Yeah say no more. I'm on the same page and I've slowly given up fighting it over the past year. I'd love to see a graph of how often I visit RB and that would tell the story. BTW did you see Jake's new studio!? He must be so stoked I can't even imagine. So excited to see what he does with it.
  15. So the salt is creeping back into my head. It's been almost 15 years, so admittedly I'm way overdue. Spent the last several months falling asleep to BRS TV, Tidal gardens, Melev, Rico, and Billy Pipes among others. I need help. This isn't the right audience, but I might need an intervention, because we all know where this is going... and this feels like a severe episode of reefermadness coming on. πŸ˜› BTW, LOVE that the forum is on a 21st century solution!
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