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  1. Piero

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    So many AIO nano options...! I have so much DIY juice coursing through my veins but frankly I just need to get a box cycling asap so I can at least start cultivating a base of microfauna. Eventually would like an inter-connected system spanning display, growout, refugiums, etc. but utilizing a single sump. will see.
  2. Piero

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    Hey Chewie! Good to be back. Unfortunately I'm in a small downtown highrise studio with minimal closet space, but can't say I haven't thought about taking out some furniture to make room for water and slinging up a hammock. 😛
  3. Piero

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    Ya Than probably has an ASMR audience with the quality of his audio and his tone. It's meditative...🙃
  4. Piero

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    well said, and I should know better having been on and off the MO wagon since '83. Just trying to delay the inevitable I suppose... 🤗
  5. Piero

    Serious Salt Creep Problem

    Hey Krux! Nice headshot! Yeah say no more. I'm on the same page and I've slowly given up fighting it over the past year. I'd love to see a graph of how often I visit RB and that would tell the story. BTW did you see Jake's new studio!? He must be so stoked I can't even imagine. So excited to see what he does with it.
  6. So the salt is creeping back into my head. It's been almost 15 years, so admittedly I'm way overdue. Spent the last several months falling asleep to BRS TV, Tidal gardens, Melev, Rico, and Billy Pipes among others. I need help. This isn't the right audience, but I might need an intervention, because we all know where this is going... and this feels like a severe episode of reefermadness coming on. 😛 BTW, LOVE that the forum is on a 21st century solution!
  7. Selling a 30g PCO water storage tank. $85
  8. Piero

    That Itch. It's Back....

    Wow, lots of familiar faces! Some of us just can't stay away, eh? And looking forward to meeting the new ones! I have really been impressed by what I've seen coming out of the MO sector as far as breeding avances and aqua/mari-cultured stock availability over the past few years. Frankly it forces me to own up and reconsider my admittedly inflexible (and at times provocative) soapbox on the private sector's role in the challenges facing our favorite natural resource. So I may owe a few beers roun' here, starting with those of you who have at one time or another owned Waves. Single file please...
  9. Hello! The salty itch has returned and winter weather was the clincher that demanded scratching. (drooler) Not sure who is still around that I may know from the past. Quick post before I add PNWMAS back to the browser link bar, heh.(nutty) BACKGROUND: - Out of reefkeeping since about 06/07 - In and out since early 80s - Swapped unfinished marine bio degree for business, for some reason - Tested small time online retail front with ReefLabs - Became overwhelmed by inconvenient truths of our MO industry THE PLAN: Initially 2-3 fluval edge nanos, and you know how it goes from there. I'm in a downtown studio now, so there are... limitations. (scratch) THE PLAN JUST GOT BIGGER... that didn't take long. I just decided I have a 30x30 corner that is begging for it... and I could probably fit a small prop/quarantine in the bathroom...oh FFS. DOH!
  10. Just a heads-up for anyone who missed this. Portland, OR - Reefkeeping http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2372663964
  11. Piero

    FS: Lots of Equipment

    skimmer body is sold...
  12. Piero

    FS: Lots of Equipment

    pm's returned. and mailbox emptied now. I'll be dealing with family in town most of the work week however, as a headsup. Feel free to leave me vm if interested in anything. Skimmer, rock, and teklite all on hold for now. Piero 503-952-6306
  13. Piero

    FS: Lots of Equipment

    just posting some picks of plumbing parts, several sizes. The rock is still available(marshall and Fiji, excellent shapes). ER 6-1 housing for $85 as well retrofit PC units: $15 each oh, and I have one more Teklight, silver, 3foot x 4 bulb: $155
  14. Piero

    FS: Lots of Equipment

    Triangular water tank is sold.
  15. Piero

    FS: Lots of Equipment

    I have a crapload of plumbing parts. Mostly 3/4" but some 1" also. Ask me if interested.