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  1. One tip just in case. Don't plant your tomatoes in the same spot as last year. Rotate your garden. Diseases can happen. We planted herbs, lettuce,onions, shallots, turnips, garlic, started tomatoes, peppers, Good luck with your garden!
  2. Compost is great!!! What did you plant in your garden?
  3. I was thinking in general. Day to day life. Don't they make energy saving bulbs?
  4. Great idea. You could maybe start a supply list of the items that you have in stock then a teacher can view the list and see what they may need. One thing is there a place to store this stuff?
  5. Happy Earth Day. Reuse, recycle. Go green (clap)
  6. Might I also recommend Elk Lake, Odell Lake lots of camping and great fishing,boat rentals,cabins. The lodge offers internet access,and lots of other stuff. Skiing,snow parks are also near by. Waldo Lake is another good choice. Silver Falls State Park is awesome in the spring!!!!!! Also Google Oregon State Parks. You will find tons of info there.
  7. Dave another thing you can do is go to the wiki site and print out how to set up a tank and the application so you can show them a how the process is done. If they join the wiki then they can communicate with our teachers and both can learn from each other. Just an idea but maybe your super creative wife can print out some cards for you to hand out? Or flyers would work too. By the way wink flash is awesome!!!!
  8. To all you Dads out there Happy Father's Day!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!! (cheer)
  9. Hello and welcome! Be sure to start a thread with pictures. I myself enjoy reading about peoples builds.
  10. July Meeting? If so where and when?
  11. It is very worth it!!! The kids would love it!!! And the Adults too!
  12. Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I could sit and (drooler) all day long!
  13. Good thing we have monthly meetings for those that have it really bad. Ive seen all the classic signs! You try to start out small..... Then you start having yard sales selling off stuff so you can buy a larger tank. Then you set up a account with Lowes and Home Depoe, Next you have the local fish shops on speed dial on your cell phone.
  14. Attention all Teachers! I wanted to let you know about a super de duper camp for Kids! Its Camp Magruder its located in Rock Away beach near Tillamook. This camp is so cool. Its perfect for middle school students and high school students. We did lots of field studies,visit tide pools, lots of hiking, there is a lake with small boats,they keep you pretty busy!!!! You sleep in cabins. OMSI runs it. SO much to learn and do!!!! If you like adventure and learning some cool stuff then this is the place for your class!!! Just go a google search on Camp Magruder for more information. Some highlights Kayla learned about various plants that are edible. We learned about water quality. The best part was using a fish net and scooping up muck from the near by lake and finding lots of cool bugs and nymps and mayfiles. We walked to the beach and had to draw a map of Oregon in the sand and make some mountains,rivers,label cities, using all the material found on the beach. we learned about how to survive if you ever get lost with out using gps! squid dissection, learned about early oregon. We played a game called prey and predator huge hit with the kids. We did learned how to read a map and use a compass,also learned about early Oregon. Just a idea if your tired of doing the same o same o!!!! Its a great end of the year class trip!!!
  15. Glad I met ya! I was the crazy lady walking around handing out name tags! I like your tank pictures. Be sure to start a thread on your new project!!!
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