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  1. I have several different sized glass aquariums with screen tops that’s were used as reptile enclosures. These were used to house corn snakes but they may hold water although no guarantees. They need a little cleaning but not bad for free. PM for interest. Located near Oregon City. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ocboat

    The dangers we face are finally made known

    From what I have read, bleach will neutralize palytoxin. I have a few rocks with protopalys on the which are the most toxic and I plan on soaking them in bleach and then I'm going to throw them away or bury them.
  3. ocboat

    Bubble algae

    This won't help in your situation but the product Vibrant from Underwater Creations rid my tank of a major bubble algae infestation. There is a huge thread about the product on R2R.
  4. ocboat

    Cuttle Fish and Corals First Coral Auction!

    This is very confusing. Each item should have its own thread.
  5. ocboat

    Sundial Snails

    That's what I was thinking was probably the case since most of the threads on the snails were several years old. Please keep me in mind if you happen to come across any. Thanks.
  6. ocboat

    Sundial Snails

    I'd even consider zoa eating nudibranchs.
  7. ocboat

    Sundial Snails

    Anybody happen to have any sundial snails that they haven't killed? I know they eat zoanthids and palys and I would like to see if they are successful in ridding some rocks of some seafoam palys. If anyone has some of these pests come in on their zoas or palys, please let me know.
  8. ocboat

    Need an ID

  9. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check out ATA. Higher Thinking, do you have some fairly big size pieces/branches of the blue tipped slimer or others?
  10. ocboat

    FREE - 250 watt Metal Halide bulbs

    These have been picked up.
  11. I am looking for decent sized pieces of almost any staghorn shaped acropora. Thanks.
  12. I have several used 250 watt metal halide bulbs that I want to part with. They are mainly Radiums but there are a few others mixed in as well. If you can pick them up on Sunday they are yours, otherwise they are going to be recycled.
  13. ocboat

    WTB: Ritteri (aka Magnifica) Anemone.

    Haha, not a chance. That anemone hosts a female orange and a male black and white ocellaris clown fish that have laid eggs every two weeks for the last 9 years and has survived several crashes that have killed off most other livestock. It has actually kept me from leaving the hobby several times.
  14. ocboat

    WTB: Ritteri (aka Magnifica) Anemone.

    I've got an 11 year old mag that has attempted to split twice but never completed the process. If it ever splits, I'll let you know.
  15. ocboat

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Friday morning or afternoon would work for me as well as this weekend. Just let me know what time work best for you.