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  1. ocboat

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Please put me back on the list. Either model is fine. Thanks.
  2. ocboat

    ISO: Berghia

    If you can't find any locally, you might want to see anyone wants to combine an order and split the shipping cost. This is what I did and it really lowered the price per berghia.
  3. ocboat

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    I put about 12 in my 120 gallon tank about a year ago that had a mild aptasia population that contains several wrasses. They wiped out the aptasia in less than a month but I never did see them after I put them in my tank so I couldn't pass them on. I also added 6 to my small refugium that was full of aptasia. They did get rid of them in that tank too but now they are returning. No return of the aptasia still in my 120.
  4. ocboat

    Slow recovery, but making progress

    What did you finally end up doing to stop the spread of the disease?
  5. Looking for a little more control of my radions and vortechs. If anyone has a WXM module or a reeflink for sale, pleas let me know. Thanks.
  6. ocboat

    WTB Older Vortech MP40 Dry Side/Motor

    I only have a few stags that I could frag at the moment. I also have cash if there is nothing you want.
  7. ocboat

    Frag Fest photos?

    What lighting are you growing that Walt Disney under?
  8. ocboat

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Will you be able to offer wider lenses for wider tanks? I know you said to hang the lights higher for wider tanks but that also reduces PAR .
  9. ocboat

    Tierra De Fuego

    I'd love a piece of this if anyone knows of a frag for sale.
  10. That's a great picture. Mine eradicated all my aptasia last year and I wanted to pass them on to someone else who needed them but I could never find them again in my tank.
  11. ocboat

    Sundial Snails

    It all started with a single polyp on some branch rock years ago.
  12. ocboat

    Sundial Snails

    I'm still on the lookout for any of these creatures that can help with my zoanthid and paly invasion. In the meantime I am offering as many free zoanthids as is possible to anyone willing to help remove them.
  13. One of my older MP40 motors has finally burned out. I'm wondering if anyone has an old motor sitting around? Thanks.
  14. ocboat

    WTB Ecotech Radion

    Looking to add another Radion to my tank. I would interested in either an xr15 or xr30, ideally gen 3 or newer but would listen to an earlier model if the price was right. Thanks.