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  1. I'm in Oregon City. Please send PM for fastest reply. Thanks.
  2. Probably 50 pounds of dry rock that was originally a mix of pukani, Carib Sea, and some Marshall Island and possibly some Fiji. It’s been sitting outside under cover for a while and will obviously have to be cleaned before use. Also a large mesh bag of bio balls that were used in my pond. Free - first show up gets it. I won’t hold it unless you’re coming out the same day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I've had a tank for so long I can't even remember the last time I took a break from the hobby. We are currently remodeling our home and soon will come time to do something about the room that the tank is currently set up in. I'm either going to have to to temporarily house my livestock while the room is being worked on and then set up in generally the same place, or sell everything and take a break for a while. The idea of not having a tank is very appealing especially since our kids are now both grown and we plan to travel more but I'm very attached to a few things in the tank. I have a 13 year old Magnifica anemone that is hosting a breeding pair of clowns for almost that entire time. These animals have been through all the up and downs that the tank has been through throughout the years. I also have another healthy Magnifica as well as two Giganteas that I know will be very hard to replace if I want to get back in sometime. I guess I'm just looking for a little advice one way or another from other reefers that have had to make the same decision.
  4. I bought a 30" heavy blue bar a few years ago for supplemental lighting. It seems to work well. I'm not using it now but I never had any problems with it. I also bought a 10" planted tank bar from them for my daughter. A couple of diodes went out shortly after receiving it and they quickly sent out a replacement light with only a single email sent to them.
  5. Shot you another text.
  6. I am. I sent you a text yesterday to the number you gave me in your PM. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  7. My wife doesn't mind the tank and compliments it once in a while but she really has zero interest in it which is actually okay with me.
  8. How's everything doing? I'm betting that it won't hurt anything.
  9. I should be home a little later in the day on Saturday. I'll have a better idea of when I'll be home a little later tomorrow.
  10. Something like this? Barely used and retired it when I got a great deal on a GHL doser 2. Seems to work fine. How’s $40.00 sound. Right here in the OC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Anyone is welcome to some. I have a ton of them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I don’t know what these are but I started with one polyp and now I have thousands. You’re welcome to some at no charge. Under Radion AB+ program with T5 supplementation Under Radion 10k setting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Those Marine Pure blocks really work well for nitrates. I only have one in my 130 gallon system and I actually have to dose nitrates or else my sps turn pale.
  14. Thank you. I was affected by that also but my apex never froze, I was just locked out of fusion for a while. This sounds like it might be an ongoing issue for me.
  15. I have an older Apex lite with a single eb8. Last night I got a text message that the Apex was disconnected from Fusion which is not rare because of my bad internet service, plus my return pump which is plugged into the apex was running so I really didn't give it a second thought. Fast forward to today and I continued to get an alert that it was disconnected from fusion so I went to investigate. The display was on and looked like it always does and the temperature and ph were normal but when I went to get into the menu, none of the buttons would work. I unplugged the unit and when it powered back up, everything worked and the display indicated that it had dropped to 71.5. Evidently the only outlets that were working were the return and skimmer which were programmed to fallback to on. Has this ever happened to anybody else? I have had this for several years and this has never happened before. Could it possibly indicate that the "brain" is failing? Thanks for any help and advice.
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