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  1. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    That was taken under a cheap black box LED with only the white channel on. When the blue channel was added, it looked more brown with green highlights.
  2. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    I got it from Patrick at Saltwater Fantaseas back in the day.
  3. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    This was a favorite of mine.
  4. Berghia Nudibranch

    I can get get 20 mediums for $175.00 but only want about 10. Is there anybody that wants to split the order with me? That works out to $8.75 a piece and they normally sell for $17.99.
  5. I've finally decided to sell my 24", 8 bulb, dimmable ATI Sunpower T5 light fixture. I am the second owner of this light. The light was originally purchased in December of 2015 from Cuttlefish and Corals. I believe it was only used for a few months due to some tank issues before he sold it to me a year later. I used it for about six months and then had a tank crash and lost all my SPS so I threw on a single Radion to save electricity ever since. It comes with the following bulbs installed in the fixture: Blue plus Coral plus Actinic Actinic plus Coral light new generation Actinic Purple plus Blue plus Also included are another purple plus, 2 coral plus and 4 blue plus. I made the mistake of not marking the actual usage on each bulbs so they have anywhere from 12 months of use to less than a month. Because I don't know the age of the bulbs, I'm going to price it as if it needs new bulbs. If you have a PAR meter, you may be able to get many more months of use out of these bulbs. The fixture is in excellent condition and everything works perfectly. It comes with the hanging kit and original box. Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. I'm asking $300.00 or best offer. Thanks for looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Berghia Nudibranch

    That's what I've heard. What size and how many did you start with?
  7. Berghia Nudibranch

    Is there anybody breeding these locally or know of any stores that carry them. I'm having an infestation of aptasia on the shells of my clams and no matter how much I scrub them, I can't get rid of them. I've heard great things about these creatures but they are pretty expensive to ship an adequate amount of them. Thanks.
  8. I'm looking for an Ecotech Radion G3 or later in good working condition. I have an 8 bulb dimmable 24" ATI T5 in nice condition to trade plus cash depending on the model. The bulbs vary in age, none over 8 months old, but I'm not sure how old each of them are so new bulbs would be advisable. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  9. Nuvo25 lagoon break down

    Tried to send you a PM but it said you weren't accepting messages. Interested in the leopard wrasse if it is still available. Thanks.
  10. Red Sea 130D package

    No problem. I haven't been able to clean it up yet and take better pictures and probably shouldn't have even posted it yet. New pictures and description should be up tomorrow.
  11. Red Sea 130D package

    I recently took down my 34 gallon Red Sea 130D and decided to put it up for sale. This package will include the tank, stand, Aquamaxx WS-1 skimmer, SB Reef Led light, and Ehiem heater. The tank has a built-in 5 outlet power strip with toggle switches but it does not have the original hood. I have not had time to clean things up yet but wanted to get this posted today. I will add additional pictures as I get thing cleaned up. I'm asking $300.00 for the entire set up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Skunk Clownfish For Sale

    You got them Mike. Let me know when you are available.
  13. I purchased several different varieties of skunk clownfish that were supposed to all be the same size but they all came in at different sizes. Since it doesn't make sense to ship them back, I thought I would see if anyone might like them. These are all tank raised by Sustainable Aquatics and are eating a variety of food. First up are a very small pair of Amphiprion Sandaracino "Irian Jaya Super Orange" orange skunk clowns. They are only about an inch long each and the are super feisty. They have taken up residence in a haddoni anemone and the tiny pair are keeping a much larger A. Nigripes and a pink skunk clown out of the anemone. $15.00 each. Speaking of A. Nigripes, the black footed skunk clownfish, this one is around 2 inches and is getting beat up by the orange skunks so it has some ragged fins. It has a severe underbite but otherwise is healthy and eating. This is a good chance to obtain an uncommon clownfish at a cheap price. $20.00. Last is a A. Perideraion "Fiji Sunkist Pink Skunk" also around 2". This fish is more orange than the typical pink skunk. $20.00 Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. WTB 4x4 or 3x3 Square Tank

    I believe Marineland makes a deep dimension 150 gallon that is 3'x'3' or at least they used to make one.
  15. Cuttle Fish n Corals visit!

    Were there any chaoti or potters left?