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  1. Hello PNWMAS, long time no talk. I hope all are well and tanks and critters are doing good, mine have grown and grown and I think I might need a larger tank! All mine are softies but the idea of keeping them whole with more room to grow, sounds better than chopping them up! So my question, anyone want to trade tanks? Mine is a 50g Cadlites artisan cube with white stand and trigger systems cube sump! I would want to keep everything except the tank, stand, and sump. Possibly the return also depending on size. Ideally I would like a 75 or 90 with stand and sump but am open to offers and larger, maybe. I don't have any interest in selling my tank but would love to find a trade! Anyone have something sitting around collecting dust? Maybe always wanted a cube? Let me know, and thanks for looking! I added a pic to get an idea, they still have some room but starting the hunt early.
  2. Hitchhiker crab

    It might be better if you look through some photos here http://chucksaddiction.thefishestate.net/hitchhikers.html as you can see it best, with that pic it will be hard for most to help. Good luck.
  3. Truth in advertising

    People still test? Lol I'm kidding. #softiesforlife
  4. Anyone else keep mangroves?

    I finally moved my mangroves but instead of into my tank, I set up a small freshwater tank for them. I'm hoping to turn this into a planted mixed tank and add a few shrimp down the road. Wesley is very fond of it also.
  5. What is this??

    I didn't even notice the hairy body until I was able to zoom in just now on my PC, I thought those strings were from the pissed shroom because I was looking on my phone. I would agree with Eunicid worm after noticing that. I wish I could find one of these in my tank, lol I would love to have one in my sump.
  6. What is this??

    Just out of curiosity, google "Peanut Worm" I'm not saying Chewie is wrong, it just has characteristics of a peanut worm and they are harmless.
  7. Spring cleaning sale!

    Anyone need this flex pipe? $25 and it's all yours!
  8. Spring cleaning sale!

    Sounds good Mark, Rock is sold and no need to PayPal. Shoot me a pm and we can work it out.
  9. What is this?

    That's it! This is a great site for Id'ing stuff from Florida rock http://tbsaltwater.com/thepackage/organisms.html
  10. What is this?

    It's a type of algae that's very common on that rock. Someone will know the name, I can't think of it right now.
  11. Spring cleaning sale!

    I also received a pm about the sump around the same time, that person has offered to purchase, if the deal falls through I will contact you. Dimensions are 19 3/4 x 13 x 15 Thanks.
  12. Spring cleaning sale!

    I will get the dimensions for you this evening. Sorry, I forgot that part. I'm in the the Orchards area of Vancouver.
  13. So I'm starting the process of digging out for the winter and realized...I have a ton of fish stuff again. Always the way though. Lol First up is 2 pieces of Marco rock, about 9 pounds each. Sold 50' roll of white, 3/4" flexible pvc. Not sure what to ask? $25 Rimless glass sump made by Cadlites Sold I will also have a Reef Octopus Classic 150-s skimmer for sale soon. I need to pull it out and clean it up. I love this skimmer but it just doesn't fit right in my sump, never has. I believe I will ask $150 for that with all original packaging. As I find more, I will add it and feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!
  14. Looking for ATO

    Thanks for the kind words! I had to upgrade my mangrove "pot" since the kitchen window is now too small, I figured why not a shrimp tank. I will add some shrimp soon but am waiting for the tank to mature more. It's cycled and has 2 Rasboro's to help feed the plants plus add some movement but I've heard mature tanks are better for shrimp.
  15. Looking for ATO

    See! I love this place. I'm all set, thanks Spectra!