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  1. I have a 4 foot 6 bulb tek t-5 fixture for sale. Works great. Needs cleaned, and needs new bulbs. Site won't let me post pics. Shoot me a pm with your #, and I can text them to you $75 cash in Eugene
  2. Both cubes sold pending pickup. Tunze pump still available
  3. Bump and price drop. $60 each for the tanks and $45 for the tunze pump
  4. Selling for a friend, current 29 gal biocube, comes with return pump and heater and top with p.c. lights, plastic cover over lights is yellowed and cracked, but otherwise in good shape. $75 Coralife 14 gal complete except heater. power compact flourecsent bulbs and air driven bio cube skimmer. Good shape, just needs cleaned. $75 Located in eugene. Having trouble posting pics, pm with a #, and I can text some. Also have a tunze pump 739 gph, 9.8 max head $60
  5. Got this from RWOregon last summer, and gutted and restarted it before thanksgiving. Up and running currently. Used all new dry rock(except one piece of seed rock from Impur's sump). All new course LS. Current inhabitants are asst snails and hermits, a highfin barred shrimp goby and candy cane pistol shrimp, large chunk of awesome star polyps, a plug of zoas, and a tiny piece of Xenia. Has a modified top cover to accommodate the skyye 8 watt led fixture, and allow light into the tank. Very cool mod! Also comes with a very cool stand, timer for lights, fluval cleaner magnet, small syphon for water changes, stock hob filter, extra media, a package of frozen brine shrimp. Basically everything you will need for it. Moving this thing is a breeze. Drain half to 2/3 of the water, and move it. Have 3-4 gallons of new water made up at the other end, and set back up. Moved, WC done. Easy! $100. Local pickup in Eugene. Tried to post pics, but having issues. Pm a #, and I can text a couple.
  6. Sent a text and pm, and haven't heard back yet........
  7. Since when are tools illegal, obscene, or questionable. That's all they are. Tools. I am guessing the new rule is because they're icky and scary, and we don't like them.
  8. Just curious as to which O.R.S.says it is illegal to advertise for sale firearms or ammunition on this type of website. Not trying to stir anything up, I just like to keep up with laws.
  9. No problem, buddy. That's what friends do. Glad I could help! Hope the rest of the move went smoothly.
  10. Many politicians have admitted (directly or accidentally) that confiscation is the goal. Sorry if I don't believe them when they say no one is going to take away my best tool for self defense. I am tired of my rights being taken away every time some whackjob decides he wants to be famous.
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