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  1. chadcar

    New Tank

    The closed loop is plumbed seperate from the overflows in the tank. I have a return pump that is used to flow back through the returns in the overflows. The dolphin pump has a 1.5" inlet so I T'd the 1.5" to two 1" that come over the top one on each side of the overflows. The one with the ball valve was used to prime the system. The return from the CL pump goes up 1.5" and is reduced at the squirt to 1". If you have any other questions let me know. Chad
  2. chadcar

    New Tank

    Closed Loop and Additional Pics
  3. chadcar

    New Tank

    I will take a couple of pictures of the CL tomorrow. Over the top worked well the only thing that I did to make the elbows fit tight over the back, was to trip the 1/4" of the black frame. The portion the glass would sit on. I then used a 90deg street elbow and a normal 90deg elbow that way I didnt have to cut a small piece of pipe to use in between. I felt this gave a better fit. Yes that is a maxijet mod I did a while back it worked great. Chad
  4. chadcar

    New Tank

    Thank you, I will be posting some more pics shortly. Chad
  5. chadcar

    New Tank

    Well, I have not posted much on here but I thought I would post the pics of my new 120g aga. My loving wife purchased for me for my b-day. The progress since may was somewhat slow with the lights I really wanted being back ordered for 2 months. I finally gave up and purchased a different set. I will post more pics as I get them taken the tank has been set up in place of my 5' 100g. It is amazing the difference between the two. The stand is custom built by my father, the dimension are 42" tall, 49.5" wide, and the depth is approx 34". I have a super squirt tied to a dolphin 2800 for the closed loop. Return is a Gen-x pcx 30, overflows dump into an acrylic sump. A 1/3hp chiller keeps the tank cool. Lighting is 2 250w XM10k and 2 110w VHO Super Actinics. Old 100g Old 100g Stand Being Stained
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