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  1. College Football 2010!!

    Months of absence and I had to log in just to vote. GO BEAVS!
  2. LOST

    oooooh, i forgot about that.... I'm going with the "vision" explanation since that would fit with my theory. :p (laugh)
  3. LOST

  4. LOST

    Well, well, well guys, 6 years of our lives has ended to here.... I, too, was initially let down by the ending but the more I think about it, the more I'm like, "okay, well, I guess that was pretty good, could they have really done it any other way?". (My co-worker told me that he thought it would be great if the children born on/because of the island, came back once they're adults and then killed Locke.... has potential....) I was really surprised that Juliet was Jack's ex-wife. I truly thought it was going to be his real ex-wife before the island (the lady who he saved after a car accident). But I guess it makes sense with the parallels between island and alternate world. I was surprised to see Boon and Shannon back too and not Michael and Walt or Mr. Eko. On the other hand, we kind of know that Michael is "stuck" on the island for his deeds and I'm guessing that if deeds determine your passage to the church then Mr. Eko is a no go as well. Although, they could have at least cameo'd him (or did they? They did flash to a table with someone who looked like him during the concert...) This could be why Ben Linus didn't go inside the church too. BTW, did anyone love the Target commercial with the boar running through the jungle - at first, I was like, "What could they possibly be selling?" DOH!(clap) Too good, too good. Did anyone watch the Jimmy Kimmel alternate endings? I liked the first one....
  5. LOST

    Love Song for Richard Alpert
  6. LOST

    Purgatory was one of the first theories that floated around on the internet but the writers said definitely not. I think last night's episode was a teaser that it was but in actuality, it is NOT. Instead, the island seems to be more of a "second-chance" kind of place. All the candidates have some sort of messed up aspect in their real life. This is their chance to prove that people are not bad and can make good decisions on their own despite their past. Now we know what the Island does. Pretty neat analogy with the wine bottle but silly that the man in black cracked it. C'mon. That's probably good stuff.
  7. LOST

    It isn't! It is! They wouldn't! They would! Wait, just kidding, still not sure. Good episode!
  8. LOST

    Sayid episode. Awesome. "I can't be with you because I don't deserve you." Swoon. And then, it's "I'm killing everyone and smiling creepily." Smokey is a subway train? Why was the Japanese man the only thing protecting them? Does he have Jacob-like powers? If Japanese man dies then the powder they put around the temple is null?
  9. LOST

    Claire = Rousseau parallel? Baby taken. Traps around jungle. Tent fortress full of goodies. Explosives. But. Even Rousseau looked cleaner than Claire. C'mon. She's the only one who doesn't shower. Interesting also that Mocke knows that Kate took Aaron yet told her that the others took him....
  10. LOST

    Ex-wife. The lady who was his patient whose life he saved and they got married but then he was a workaholic etc etc it was way back seasons ago. I initially thought that the explosion only changed the timeline from the plane crashing but now, I'm thinking it's like you're saying, Jordan, that the explosion reset the timeline so Jacob never touched any of them. In this case, yes, Jack could have a child, Locke would end up with Helen, Hurley is the luckiest man on earth, etc etc. I'm not sure what the whole lighthouse thing was about. Nice excuse, "we weren't looking for it and that's why we never saw a giant tall structure in a relatively uninhabited island." What would have happened if Hurley moved the thing to 108? The numbers, the numbers!!!!! (scary) Claire said her dad told her that the Others took her baby? Her dad is speaking to her therefore is alive even though he was dead-dead? OR! Maybe he's related to all this through Widmore - who we haven't heard about in a while.... Claire and ax killing and baby crib and creepy thing inside crib and gross hair (c'mon, everyone else seems to shower). Creepy. Speaking of creepy - creepy child at the piano recital who ends up being Japanese Mysterioso man's child! ahhhhgh! It was a pretty good episode, all in all. Lots of questions still but clarified a few things too: 1. There are other-others separate from the temple. They are on team Mocke. 2. Explosion prolly altered Jacob-line not plane-line. 3. Claire is alive-alive
  11. LOST

    are they really on the island to become protectors? why so many? why kill Locke if he is a candidate? protect the island from what? smokey? DOH! maybe Mocke wants to escape the island but cannot unless someone else takes him? or if he possess someone else body? I heard too that it was not purgatory or imagination-land or anything like that....
  12. LOST

    Ahhhhhhack THE NUMBERS!!!!! THE NUMBERS!!! (brick)
  13. LOST

    I can totally see that ending but I have faith that the writers won't do that to us. It would be like that Dallas thing where some character died but it ended up being a dream. Or the Buffy episode where she's in a mental hospital but you never know which reality is real. AhhhghDOH! undrtkr_00 - those are some good points. It never occured to me that Calire and Jack's dad could also be "infected". I definitely linked Danielle's group as being infected with the same thing that Sayid is. I do think the Temple has always been on the island but why it hasn't played a more important role (until now) ...I don't know... Now that you mention it, it was weird that all those people weren't on the plane.... Where exactly did the timeline restart? Did "it" really work? History is different BEFORE the plane crash..... Andy - that would be strange and sort of be like a eyebrows raised, "really?" moment.(nutty) (laugh)
  14. LOST

    Do you think Richard came on the Black Rock? Remember when Mocke said, "It's good to see you out of those chains".(scratch)
  15. LOST

    I agree that the new plane scenes are the alternate ending to if the plane did not crash. However, why is Dhamaville under the ocean? It did exist but is now under the ocean.... also, apparently the shark at the under the ocean scene had the Dharma logo on it. If the new timeline is if the crash never happened then how did Jack get that cut on his neck? Also, if this is new timeline is only new because the plane did not crash then what the heck is Desmond doing on the plane? Before the crash, he was on the island already. Right? Or is he exempt because he's like a time traveler already? Eeep! (scratch)