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  1. All rock and livestock is taken Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. Sure, but sold the tang so how about 100 to the person that takes everything? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  3. Forgot to mention.... Located in Montavilla, and please pick up.
  4. Taking a tank down in the house and offering up the livestock first. The tank was run skimmerless for about 18 months and grew tons of softies and mushrooms, but also lots of algaes. sold- Blue Tang, 4-5" $20 Ocellaris, 3" $15 Bangaii Cardinal $20 Copper banded shrimp $50 Live rock, black barred convict goby included, 20-30lbs? covered in mushrooms, tyree toadstool, zoas, more mushrooms, neon GSP, basically an instant softy reef. $100 if you want it all so you have an instant reef.... 50 gallon salt mix if you take it all too! Also, 2 refractometers, $30 for the "pro", $20 for the "not pro" A free used Red Sea Ca KH Mg test kit, and a new one for $30
  5. Bump! Don't want to waste good rock!
  6. Sorry, didn't include location... in Montavilla
  7. This is mostly pukani dry rock that has been in my sump for 3 years, a couple peices are Fiji shelf rock. It was mostly from the sump, so not much coraline cover, but some on a couple smaller bits.
  8. All that is left are bangaiis, perc, and live rock. Make me an offer!
  9. Looks like the tangs and nems have takers... Willing to sell the corals, bangaiis, perc and rock together or alone. The rock is great rock for anyone who wants to take the time to "cook" it, or recure it in the dark to remove the algaes. Fish $50 Coral $100 All fish, coral, and LR $100 These bangaiis are very active, very social with each other, and both pairs breed every few months. Dont mind the hair algae in the pic, its a huge reason why this is going.
  10. Looks like I'll be parting this out... Updates to come
  11. Pic wouldn't upload via phone. Will upload from home
  12. I've just been informed of my 15% rent hike, and I already didn't have the time or money to keep up with my tank. Asking 250 for all livestock, rock, and even have an extra bag of aragonite. Offers considered, I'm very motivated to move this out. All fish have been in this tank for 1 year+ Blue tang about 4" Yellow tang about 4" 2 pairs bangaii cardinals (2 male 2 female, both mated pairs) Percula clown 2 rtba Lots of soft corals (blue mushrooms, hurt mushrooms, neon gsp, neon green mushrooms, tyree toadstools) 50+ lbs (when it was dry) live rock Pic is tank before I stopped having the time to care for it, had a hair algae outbreak that is slowly getting used control. More recent pics to come...
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