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  1. Safety is everything with kids. Mine started shooting at 4 to 6 and I would have it no other way. They need to learn to respect guns and understand how dangerous they can be, even if you don't like guns and don't want one in your home. Someday that child will go to some gun owners house when they are not home and a child will pull out a gun to show your kid.... you fill in the blanks. Educate and lock them up.
  2. I did 2 moves with my 155 bow. Used pumps with screens on the intake, with heaters plugged into an inverter. Keep as much sand as you can and if you have lots of live rock you will be fine, either one, you should not get a cycle. If you have a shallow SB or no SB then your going to need quite a bit of live rock so make sure you don't get and cycle, I had about 200lbs LR and no sand with no issues.
  3. Miles, I am now free this weekend..... plans changed
  4. What a mess, hope it all works out.
  5. Nyles

    4 days away!!!!

    I can't wait.... its like Christmas when you where a kid..... LOL Will the gift be good or bad? Hmmmmmm Either way I'm washing it down with beer.
  6. Good to hear, seems to be really active last few days.
  7. How wide is this tank, any scratches on the inside of the bow? Where is this tank located?
  8. Absolutely, give me a ring.
  9. I'm glad your getting good use out of it! Sorry I did not get a chance to met ya! Next time for sure.
  10. This would be pretty oversized for a bedroom, I used it for living space and worked very well.
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