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  1. will do. ill check with the wifey as soon as i get off work. (her tank lol) although im sure she'll be open to it.
  2. Got a few frags of zoa's would like to trade locally. Looking for zoa's to trade or maybe some mushrooms that arent green or whatever you might have to trade, we can prolly work something out. We're in the beaverton area just west of Hillsboro actually. Pics below. Under normal lighting. There's actually 2 frags there, they're just next to each other. One has 7 or so zoa's, the other has about 10. They're not really mounted to anything. They started as random single floaters, and have grown to this on the sand. We also have the mother colony with 100-150 zoa's in a "dome" on the sand as well. There they are with the flash. And here they are under actinic. Should give you an idea of the actual color I hope. There's the small frag in the background as well with 3 or 4 polyps. That would be up for grabs too. They all have new little heads growing too.
  3. ha.. it must be the season. our pair just hatched their first batch. Silly things laid them on the back glass, so no chance of getting those out.
  4. Hey guys, not sure if most of you remember me, been a while since ive been on here. Life takes over sometimes :(. My son was in the hospital earlier in the year and had to go through surgery, and a semi new job and things have been real hectic. But trying to jump back in here now and again Still got our 2 tanks up and running, everything going really great!!! Oh, i got this awesome pink BTA from one of the member heres last year and met him in hillsboro by the game shop to trade, i dont quite remember who its was, but if he reads this, just wanted to let you know shes doing awesome!! shes probably 5 times the size as when we got her from you and doing really well in my wifes tanks still. Not quite as light pink as she used to be, but she is still this awesome pink color. I'll try and get some pics up later tonight! Great to be back though
  5. prolly picky fish.. all the fish i have fed these to, love them
  6. i used my old temp house tank for my chameleon with no issues after a nice bleach cleaning. was a small 10 gallon
  7. hmm.. not so sure after the report i saw on the news about mcmennies dept. of health scores ...
  8. looks good. firefox on a pc everything is good.
  9. i use xm 20k 250w. not bad, but i do supplement with 1 vho 50/50 and an actinic.. balances out pretty well.
  10. dippin61


    almost all the petco's in my area have stopped selling SW animals, except for this tiny one in hillsboro by target. They keep holding on...
  11. ill take both your ric's, do you ever make it anywhere near portland?
  12. i use that boxed SW from petco, best bet ive ever had, and zero issues ever.
  13. the crushed coral potentially will cause problems down the road. you need to get live rock in there, however, you will most likely not be able to do it with the fish in there, theres a good chance the cycle will kill it. toss the under gravel filter, nothing but problems in SW tanks. How long did you let the saltwater mix before putting the fish in? it takes normally at least 12-24 hours for saltwater to properly mix. id check your salinity again. and shame on your lfs for giving you that advice. very very bad of them, but typical.
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