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  1. JimmyK

    3100W intverter generator FS $350

    Ok.... this is a great deal....I’ll send you a pm...
  2. JimmyK

    Bonsai magnetic frag rack

    Do you have any idea on the magnet strength? Will it hold on 3/4” glass?
  3. JimmyK

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    I saw a used 210 for sale at Upscales yesterday.... might be worth checking out...
  4. JimmyK

    Full tank timelapse video

    Great tank and cool video as well....
  5. JimmyK

    Tank turnover......baffled

    Looks good..... as suggested above drop some food pellets in and you will get a better idea of the flow rate. Also when your water level drops due to evaporation the flow rate over the weirs will be more obvious.
  6. JimmyK

    Back at it... RSR 170

    I was never a controller fan but enjoying learning the ins and outs of mine as well.... still trying to figure out a layout for my control panel seems to be the trickiest part.
  7. JimmyK

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Running Apex package... the problem I had is my resevoir (when full) would create a siphon. When I first set it up I used the anti siphon fitting they provided and the standard programming. The anti siphon fitting reduced the pump input so drastically that the standard 5:00 minutes on pump mode was not enough to keep up with my evaporation over a day. Changed my ato input into tank so there is no siphon, increased the 5:00 on to minutes to 15:00 minutes on and seems good to go. Working on setting up high/low resovoir notifications now.
  8. JimmyK

    Back at it... RSR 170

    I’m getting my Apex ATO rolling now. Had some issues getting the programming dialed but seems to be working well after a few weeks of tweeking the programming and set-up. I like it but was not “plug and play” as some say. We’ll see how it performs long term.
  9. JimmyK

    Time to part with tank

    If you end up parting out I would be interested in the carpet..... Goodluck with the sale!
  10. JimmyK

    getting clown to eat..

    As said above live black worms... world of Wet Pets in Beaverton used to carry but I have not been there in some time. They also carry live brine shrimp. Mix the live in with frozen to get his attention.
  11. JimmyK

    What do you do?

    I’m am a precast concrete project consultant with a focus on railway and bridge structures. If you need a bridge I can help you out. Otherwise I’m probably of not much use. I can share my random mistakes that I’ve made over the years reefing with hopes that they are not repeated by others.......
  12. JimmyK

    Radion SPS AB+

    Running on my g4 but setup is only 3 months old and just threw first spa frags in last week. So no constructive input from me.....
  13. JimmyK

    280g Barrel of monkeys build

    This is a great set-up. Having remote sump is awesome. Love the skimmer. This will be fun to follow.
  14. JimmyK

    Red Sea Reefer Overflow Valves

    Did it always fluctuate or did it get worse over time? I have had my reefer running about 4 weeks now but have not had to adjust since I set it up. The mod looks great!
  15. JimmyK

    WTB 4x2x2 Stand

    Upscales has a nice used stand/canopy for 4x2.....
  16. This is a great set-up..... I thought hard about buying this tank at Upscales but just would not fit the space in my home. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.
  17. JimmyK

    Live Brine Shrimp

    I would check World of Wet Pets in Beaverton. Have not been there in a few months but usually carry live brine.
  18. JimmyK


    Where are you located? If a mid day pickup can be arranged this week I would take both.
  19. As the title says.... Outgrew these items but are still in great condition. Desk and toy box pine and perfect condition. Train table is a little wobbly but still many years of use left in it. .... $60.00 takes the set! Feel free to text with any questions. 503-330-5443
  20. Sold on way to its new home tomorrow.......
  21. JimmyK

    WTS Vertex Cerebra Prima w/ Accessories!

    If no one is interested in complete unit I would take the float valve, fluid and probe....
  22. JimmyK

    Drilling an established tank for a sump?

    Drilled many tanks.... I would remove everything and be prepared for it to crack. Cooling the galss drill hole saw requires antifreeze or steady stream of water. Hard to do with fish/corals in tank. I vote eshopps overflow...
  23. JimmyK

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    I was able to pick mine up today and will work on setting up tomorrow. Any comments from those running them for a few weeks?
  24. Hello looking for a large gold bar maroon clown.Need a large 3"+. My male lost his mate last year and would like to try and find him a match. He used to be bullied from his past wife so aggressive is not an issue. Shoot me some pics and a price! Thanks! Jim
  25. This sucks..... I've come home to a busted heater, stray voltage and tank crash. Lost a few corals and a clam. I agree with above comments of keeping it simple water changes and carbon. It will turn around quickly. Good luck