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  1. Big Dave

    Looking to borrow a diamond drill bit

    Also, maybe a little hint - if you can adjust your drill speed to a slower rpm, your hole bit should last for 40-50 holes easy. I'll try to look Monday at work to see what our hole saw at work turns at. HTH!!
  2. Big Dave

    Buff acrylic tank

    You can buy a little kit that has a bunch of different grit of sanding cloth. They go from something like 1500-6800 grit. It's a lot easier than it sounds. I did it in my old tank (have glass tank now) and it worked great.
  3. Big Dave

    Diamondhead Gobby

    A Diamond Goby will make a 'house' under a rock and will make one big pile of sand. A Goldenhead Sleeper Goby will make a house but usually sprinkles sand all over. I've had both and prefer the Sleeper. My diamond buried 10X more frags and stuff lower on the rocks than my Sleeper. Most of the corals can shed a little sand no problem. Neither are perfect and can be a pain, but both do keep sand clean. Just my experience...
  4. Big Dave

    Rainbow Nems

    PM sent
  5. Ok, put me on the waiting list also for either the 100 or 200 lot! Thanks and PM me if some open up! -Dave
  6. Big Dave

    Sale sale

    What kind of urchin and could you post a pic?? Thanks!
  7. Big Dave

    WTS rainbow bubble tip nem

    Also, what part of town are you in??
  8. Big Dave

    BTA's fs or Trade.

    Where are you located? I may be interested in one of the green ones. Only thing to trade would be some cool shrooms or cash could work too.
  9. Big Dave

    Hair algae question

    Maybe too many nutrients?? Do you feed heavy? What do you have for filtration? Skimmer? Only LR? I always have luck with Turbo snails for the rocks. As far as the sandy areas, I've tried both a Diamond Goby and a Yellow head Sleeper Goby - the diamond goby would bury any frag I had on the sand and/or make huge mounds from digging out holes. My sand was crystal clean but he had to go since I was loosing too many frags. The sleeper goby worked for me - he would scoop up sand and swim around so it would sprinkle a bit but not bury anything.
  10. Big Dave

    Hair algae question

    What kind of lighting do you have and how old are your lights? When I had MH and VHO I would tend to get an outbreak when it was time to change lights.
  11. Big Dave

    Bunch of Shrooms for sale/trade

    All PMs replied!! Thanks!
  12. Big Dave

    Bunch of Shrooms for sale/trade

    I also have a small superman - red with blue spots - $15. 1 Rock with the mint green that has 5+ babies $25, and rock that has 2-3 mint green, 2 red w/ blue wagonwheels, and a greenish brown w/ yellow spots $30. Hard to tell in the pic above but the orangy/red w/ spots is lighter in the middle and goes more red further out on the shroom. The pic with the red w/ blue wagonwheels, you can see the edge of the green/orange spot kind. If anyone wants more pics text me anytime before 10pm.
  13. Big Dave

    Bunch of Shrooms for sale/trade

    Not sure of my work schedule, been working in Bend off and on, but maybe we could meet in Salem some weekend too. If I'm not busy, never minded a roadtrip!
  14. Big Dave

    Bunch of Shrooms for sale/trade

    I'm in Gresham, just a short 2 hour ride! Lol I'm usually free in the evenings if anyone wants to cruise by and check them out! That's about 80% of what I have - a few others are still growing out and some regular stuff like blue/purple, red, blue striped.