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  1. Seems like a good deal at $24... iSpring 1-Yr Replacement Filters for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems: https://slickdeals.net/f/14257298-ispring-f7-gac-for-standard-5-stage-reverse-osmosis-ro-systems-1-year-replacement-supply-filter-cartridge-pack-set-24-22?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share&utm_source=14257298-thread&utm_content=deal
  2. Sell it as a cure for COVID 😄
  3. Thanks to Cuttlefish for ordering some longspine cardinalfish for me. These shoaling fish are a great addition to a reef tank.
  4. I use various brand smart plugs for mixing station, pond pump, landscape lighting,etc. Work fine. I do try to only buy ones that work with either the Tuya Smart or Smartlife app, since they are interchangable. That way I don't have to use more than one app.
  5. Sold to me as Shawn Bennett Tort. For sale is this multi stem colony. Pictured under 100% and 80/20 blue lights. All one piece. $60. PayPal or cash. Pickup in tualatin. Coral will be packaged and left on porch for contactless pickup.
  6. A 5 lb full bottle is $75 at Matheson Gas in tualatin. Refills are $11.55.
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