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  1. shaywood

    FS Neptune pH probe USED

    Hello. It's about a year old. I thought it was time to replace the probe. Bought and calibrated a new one, and they both read the same pH.
  2. shaywood

    FS Neptune pH probe USED

    $30.00. Pick up in Tualatin. PayPal. Works great.
  3. shaywood

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt bucket

    Is the salt sealed in a bag or loose
  4. shaywood

    RED SEA 350

    If your use to normal plumbing, DON'T over-tighten the Red Sea pipes. SuncrestReef, which model random flow did you buy? I'm assuming it's the same for the 450. Did you have to buy any adapters?
  5. shaywood

    25 Lagoon pre sale...

    Have the same tank. Is that a custom lid?
  6. shaywood

    Sudden pH drop

    When using calibration fluid is it the same temperature as thr tank water?
  7. shaywood

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Upscales on Saturday is fine. What time?
  8. shaywood

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Would it be possible to pick up tomorrow? I'm in Tualatin.
  9. shaywood

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Let's go with the handheld.
  10. shaywood

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    Regular water changes about 10%. Fresh water temp should be fine since it has been so hot lately.
  11. shaywood

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    Well, some of you have experienced the pink lemonade I had for years. Its dead- completely white in a matter of a couple weeks. My nitrates have been around 10, so I decided to add a biopellet reactor. Now I have a strawberry shortcake dying quickly (see picture). My nitrates haven't changed. What do you think? I also have a tri-color that looks stressed, turning white from the base. On the shortcake and lemonade the zooxanthellae died quickly and coral turned bright white. Can other corals kill each other? The lemonade is being touched by another shortcake and the strawberry is being touched by green slimmer. Both in the area that turned white first. Stats: pH 7.9 recently dropped to 7.6 P04 . 06 dkH. 8-9 Ca. 450 Mg 1300 Potassium 420 Salt 33 NH3 00 N02 00
  12. I've been using Kent sea salt for sometime but getting annoyed by the deposits left in my fresh saltwater container. Attached is a picture one week after completely cleaning my fresh saltwater container. Is it normal to have this much Brown residual left? Does this occur with all salts?
  13. shaywood

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hello, I'm not real familiar with how they operate. So, either one would probably be just fine. I'm willing to wait if one is easier to use than the other.
  14. shaywood

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Possible to get on list to use par meter?