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  1. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    I use a Gyre 150 horizontally on the top left side of my tank and a 130 vertically on the back right. Finally got the 150 tuned in to create great wave movement in the tank.
  2. Gyre 130 Propellers/Bushings A or B

    The unit also come with extra propellers and bushings. Do you also have any of them? Either way, I would be happy to pay shipping, or if it works - I work in Salem. PayPal ok?
  3. Gyre 130 Propellers/Bushings A or B

    Just need bushings and propellers. Specifically B ones. Where are you located? How much?
  4. I'm wearing out the propellers in my Gyre 130. If anyone has an extra A or B rotator and rubber/plastic bushings, let me know.
  5. Goodies from Seahorse

    Is it still at Woodys house?
  6. bulk filter sock buy

    Any idea whether these work on Red Sea Reefers?
  7. Vacation Problem

    Couple of years ago we were in Maui and had a tank leak. Folks at Upscales helped out. Now I have Tom keep an eye on the tank when were out of town.
  8. High-End Rainbows & More In Here!

    Looks like premium pieces went fast.
  9. Holiday party raffle items 😎

    Sounds great.
  10. Holiday party raffle items 😎

    Any more details about the cost to participate for members?
  11. I have to admit I've had the worst luck with the pipes on my 450. When installing the tank, I over tightened the overflow and cracked the pipe. Recently, when installing a custom overflow valve, I cracked the upper pipe again. While installing a manifold, I cracked the return pipe. The only complaint I have about the Reefer tank is the plumbing. Anyway - I have ordered backup pipes for the main overflow and return pipes. If anyone should have the same bad luck as me, please contact me to borrow an extra pipe while you wait for a replacement pipe. Shawn
  12. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Does seahorse have much for Corals?