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  1. Tried this place. They only do 20+ tanks. Ended up at Above the Rest Brewer supply in Tigard who charged $23! This compared to $16 at matheson gas.
  2. That might be the closest. Thanks.
  3. does anyone know where to get a CO2 tank exchanged on the weekend? I usually go to the local gas company in Tualatin but they are closed this weekend.
  4. Looking for a magnetic rack for a 20 gal frag tank.
  5. What type did you have SuncrestReef?
  6. My reef tank is 3 and 1/2 years old, how do I know if it has enough pods to support the pipefish?
  7. what was your experience with this type of pipefish? Did he get along with other fish, and vice-versa? Did you have any problem getting them to start eating?
  8. Anyone have a fish trap for sale?
  9. Looking for a harlequin to reduce my asterina population. Located in Tualatin.
  10. Perhaps I'll stick with a stock pump. Anyone have an SP2000?
  11. The pump on my curve 7 has begun to fail. Looking for a dependable replacement pump. I believe the model number on the pump is SP2000
  12. Would like to add a blue jaw triggerfish
  13. Many folks only are concerned about health, which is why they use a quarantine tank. But I've learned it is equally dangerous just adding a new fish to the tank without acclimating them to their neighbors.
  14. Did some shopping the other day for an acclimation container. Ended up purchasing one at Mo's reef. I've learned the hard way not to add fish directly. Not because of concerns about health, but concerns about tank mates. Hopefully this will give new fish an opportunity to acclimate to their new neighbors. https://mosreef.com/
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