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  1. A 5 lb full bottle is $75 at Matheson Gas in tualatin. Refills are $11.55.
  2. You probably have a week or so. I run mine until the tank is empty and pH rises. Usually get 5-6 months. Recently bought an extra so I don't have to run out to fill.
  3. Ha ha, I'm afraid to post mine. Not sure it's alive.
  4. Doesn't bother corals. Sleeps in sandbed. Definitely will jump without lid. Hardy fish. About 3 inches.
  5. For sale as is healthy yellow wrasse. Been in my tank a year or more. Be sure you have a lid on your aquarium. Fish is medium/large size. $30 via PayPal or cash. Porch pickup in tualatin or could meet at upscales.
  6. I have plenty to share in tualatin. Any requests and I'll leave a bag on porch. No bugs and such.
  7. Maybe a tiny bit of Growth. Color a bit faded. Raised slightly in the tank. Never seemed to get the polyp extension some do.
  8. Wow, how interesting. Always thought it was a good idea to mix the water occassionally. This suggests, "mix it and forget it"
  9. Recently bought a couple of buckets of coral pro salt. Last weekend I cleaned my Brute mixing can and filled it with RODI. Then, I added enough salt to get to 35ppt at 70 degrees. I ran a stir pump for several hours and daily since. Today I performed my first water change with the new salt water. The water is cloudy and muddy looking. You can see the residue on the sides and in the water. Anyone else run into this?
  10. I'll take the pellets. 😄
  11. I have a fish trap that you can use, if you'd like. Just want it back when you're done. Think it's this one. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/aqua-medic-fish-trap.html
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