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  1. I'm curious how continued results will compare to other test kits.
  2. Would it be possible to set the Trident unit on a timer so it would only run one test per day?
  3. Just checking to see how this update is working for folks?
  4. Seems like users should be able to choose the number of tests completed daily. I don't know of anyone testing calcium or magnesium twice a day.
  5. Not sure if others have learned this, but just finished watching a Neptune video on Trident. The machine runs a minimum of 8 tests a day total (4 Alk, 2 CA, 2 Mg). At $.08 each, that's going to get expensive.
  6. Time to check chiller or some ac.
  7. Anyone else in having difficulty connecting to their AI lights. My app can't connect and I think their login site is down.
  8. For the pictures I turned everything up. Usually I run approx 80% blue and 20% white. I've experimented with lots of settings, but this works fine. If you want a copy of my lighting scheme, it's available here:
  9. Couple shots of my Red Sea Reefer 450. AI Hydra 26HD on full spectrum.
  10. Technology has really improved. Read up on new options.
  11. Update: buy this weekend, and I'll throw in a frag of green slimer.
  12. Original pic shows 3 bubble tip Anenomes I bought online a few years. One of the has split. Not sure which. $20 gets the baby pictured. Pickup in Tualatin. PayPal or cash.
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