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  1. shaywood


    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've noticed random ads for 2018 MACNA on the Forum.
  2. shaywood

    UV Sterilization

    Twice a week. Just the normal growth. Levels are normal, about an inch from the top
  3. shaywood

    UV Sterilization

    What benefit do you see in your tank?
  4. shaywood

    UV Sterilization

    Thinking about adding a UV sterilizer to reduce algae glass cleaning. Anyone have advice?
  5. shaywood

    Red slime finally gone!

    I do several water changes over a couple days and raise the skimmer. It takes a while.
  6. shaywood

    WTB Cheato

    Bump. Anyone near Tualatin?
  7. shaywood

    Sad day

    The mysteries on reefing!
  8. shaywood

    WTB Cheato

    Decided to give Vibrant a try and it killed my cheato. Looking for some clean replacement.
  9. shaywood

    To clarisea or not to clarisea

    I'd be curious about any odors from the used material. Is this the model that has a compound embedded in the fabric to help eliminate or reduce odor?
  10. shaywood

    WTB couple auto feeders

    Im in Tualatin and have one you can borrow.
  11. For sale is a Shawn Bennett tort Coral Frag. Approx 1 1/2 inch. Dark green, but mother colony is bright green. Think it's because of current setting in tank. $45. PayPal or cash. Pickup in tualatin.
  12. Doesn't an increased flow and pH mean slower/longer breakdown of media?
  13. shaywood

    Bali Green Slimer

  14. shaywood

    Bali Green Slimer

    I need to do some serious trimming on my Bali green slimer coral. Would anyone be interesting in purchasing the frags I take off. As you can see from the attached pictures there's going to be quite a few two to three inch single frags coming off of these two colonies. $80 takes all frags. PayPal and pick up in Tualatin.