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  1. Wow. Much smaller setup, but guess I'd better not upgrade. I'm averaging $37/month. I have a Red Sea Reefer 450, with 3 AI Hydra HD 26's. Normal stuff - skimmer, reactor, 2x gyre's. Keep the house temp at 68/day, 65/night.
  2. A few years ago I purchased a purple coral from world of wet pets in Beaverton. I don't ever hear anything about them. Do the still have saltwater fish/corals?
  3. Couple update videos for anyone interested. Sorry light (color) could be better. First video under white, second video with 80/20 blue. d
  4. I've sent two notes to the "contact us" link to determine whether my membership needs renewed, but never heard back. Any way to tell?
  5. I'd be curious to hear input from others about how to diversify an established tank. What types of fish can I add to my tank. What types of corals could I add to this tank? Is there any creative animals or invertebrates or others that I can added that would be beneficial? I'm lucky that my SPS and other corals have done well, however this makes it difficult to add more. Also there's a definite pecking order among the fish, making it hard to add more. Is there something I'm missing that I could add?
  6. For sale is this neon green stylo colony. This is not a frag. $30. Pick up in Tualatin. Cash or PayPal secures coral.
  7. Haven't heard back. First person to commit gets him/her.
  8. I'm adding some more delicate wrasses, and worried they may not be good tank mates. For sale is this fat little six line wrasse. $15. Must pick up in Tualatin. Cash or PayPal.
  9. Looking for a like new skimmer that fits in a Lagoon 25 tank.
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