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  1. Looking for a Spectra Pure Dual Chamber Media Reactor .
  2. Is anyone using a UV sterilizer to help control unwanted algae? I'm looking for better ways to control nuisance algae and looking at better use of GFO or UV sterilizers. What sterilzer would you recommend for a 120 reef tank. thx.
  3. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    What light are you using on the refuge?
  4. Golden Basket Reef Monday FB Auctions at Frags Auction Place

    Thank you. I understand that from previous messages. I'm just curious whether this is you (Golden Basket), or are you saying there are several people selling under the name Frag Auction Place. Thanks
  5. Golden Basket Reef Monday FB Auctions at Frags Auction Place

    Does Frag Auction Place = Golden Basket?
  6. Salt sale this weekend!

    Thanks for the great deal on salt!
  7. After pruning my mother colony I have 3 small colonies for sale. They are $50, $40 and $30 respectively based on size. First picture is mother colony then pics of each frag. Cash or PayPal only. Must pick up in Tualatin.
  8. FS: Pink Lemonade LARGE Colony Frag

    Thanks for the comments! SOLD.
  9. How to Prune Large Corals

    Thanks for the great ideas. Was able to get a large colony off the mother coral. Check the classifieds if interested.
  10. Ok, I was able to successfully prune my Pink Lemonade mother colony (pictured below). It's grown to the point where it is shadowning corals below. I have for sale a large (approx 8"x6") colony for sale. I wish the picture was better, but I had just pruned it and my lights are on the blue side. $140.00 cash. Must pickup in Tualatin. Mother colony a while back - Large Frag for sale:
  11. How to Prune Large Corals

    So glad to hear. Thanks for the update!
  12. My pink lemonade continues to do well and us shadowing other Corals below. How do I Prune a piece that is so woven together like this?
  13. Generator Extension Cord

    Thanks for the input. I think I want to use an extension cord, rather than installing boxes and using #12 wire. If the entire tank pulls less than 1000 watts, so I really need 20 amp wire? I realize the generator is rated at 2000 watts, but I'll use 1/2 that.
  14. What frozen food brand is the best?

    Another vote for LRS. Even my pickiest fish love it.