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  1. The mother colony was getting too large. For sale is several branching colonies. The colonies are much brighter in person. Pictures were taken under 100% lighting (blue/white). Under 80/20 (blue/white) they glow! These are NOT small colonies. Under the current Stay Home situation, Colonies will be placed on the front porch when you arrive for pick up. These corals GLOW! Purchased online, these corals are quite expensive. Colony #1 - 25 heads - $60 Colony #2 - Tons of heads - $100 SOLD Colony #3 - 8 heads - $40 Colony #4 - 7 heads - $40 Colony #5 - 11 heads - $60 Colony #6 - 5 heads - $40 Colony #7 - 20+ heads - $80 Colony #8 - 12 heads - $60 THESE ARE NOT SMALL FRAGS!! Payment via PayPal. Pickup in Tualatin. Video
  2. Best little nano skimmer using on my IM 25. Innovative Marine BioSkim DC AIO Nano Protein Skimmer - Universal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081W16L8Y/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_SuQHEbPMD2HS1
  3. Thanks. I've emptied it a couple times, but seem to be doing something wrong. Trying again.
  4. This is what I got. Try clering you cache.
  5. Open to ideas. Please remember pics and price. Time for some creativity.
  6. Looking for a small zoa frag pack to added to a 25g lagoon. Looking for bright colors, maybe on a small rock. Multiple colors (non-green). Anyone interested? If so, PM picks and price. thx
  7. I'm pretty sure there was some hording going on too. Surprised we didn't find toliet paper
  8. I commented, but wasn't complaining then logged off. It's sad to see people ordering before prices were even mentioned. This made it difficult with a delay between video and comments. You're right, it was a great idea and I'm sure it will get better.
  9. I currently use one and refill when it's empty. I would like to have a backup so I'm not in a hurry when the primary tank empties.
  10. Quick clip from tonight. Pistol Shrimp at Work
  11. Just curious, what should I expect to pay when purchasing a 5lb CO2 tank from a local supplier without a trade-in?
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