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  1. shaywood

    WTB: Chalk Bass

    Anyone seen chalk bass at any local stores?
  2. shaywood

    FS Flipper Max New

    For sale is a brand new flipper Max glass cleaner. Still in package. $65 cash or PayPal. Must pick up in Tualatin.
  3. shaywood

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    Looks great. Alot like my rockwork.
  4. shaywood

    Belize 2018!

    Did you feel safe there? Certainly want to hear more.
  5. shaywood

    Snail Egg Lay'n

    Caught a snail laying eggs today!
  6. shaywood


    I know this is an old post, but I'm curious on the new site, how do we manage our attachements? Is there a limit to the amount of attachments we have stored? How do we delete old ones?
  7. shaywood

    53.4lbs of Pukani

    Can't believe this hasn't sold. Love my pukani. Very light and porous. You get more rock for the money.
  8. If anyone is insterested, I have a live stream of my tank this weekend during day time hours.
  9. shaywood

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    I am running a reactor and Alk doser. Still trying to figure out this issue. I think the GEO612 might not be quite right. I use an Alk solution that also increases PH.
  10. shaywood

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    Thanks for the comments. I used live pukani rock when setting the system up. I cycled it in a 44 gallon can in the garage for 4-5 weeks before starting the setup.
  11. shaywood

    WTS: Purple Tip Frogspawn

  12. For sale is a beautiful purple tip frogspawn with 7 heads. Must pick up in Tualatin. $50 cash or PayPal. Pictured is under blue LED and Daylight.
  13. My power supply died. Looking for replacement.
  14. shaywood

    Frag tank setup - how to

    Thanks for the ideas. Might try a 25g AIO. I already have the lighting and other equipment.
  15. shaywood

    Frag tank setup - how to

    The good thing about my tank is the corals are doing awesome. I would like to share many of the corals that are doing well in my tank. Is it possible to set up a frag tank without a sump? Where do I find one?