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  1. Apex Tablet Mount?

    I used this which i attached to a light. Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand, Tablet Mount Holder for iPad iPhone Series/ Nintendo Switch/ Samsung Galaxy Tabs/ Amazon Kindle Fire HD and more, 30in Overall Length(Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AUQ33LG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_65tRAbTYFMXF2
  2. DId I Mess Up - Tricolor Lubbock's Wrasse(s)

    The one I added (who is bigger) disappeared after a day. The older one just owns the place. My mistake.
  3. DId I Mess Up - Tricolor Lubbock's Wrasse(s)

    Interesting. Thanks. The new one is bigger. I didn't realize this type of fish can change genders.
  4. Red Sea Reefer 350 build

    The Red Sea Reefer tanks are great. I would suggest replacing the OEM overflow valve with a Spears valve. I had to constantly adjust the OEM. The Spears is great!
  5. I've had a tricolor wrasse in my 116g tank for a year. Today, I purchased a second one which is a little larger. The original wrasse is pecking at the new one. Did I make a mistake?
  6. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    Is there any chance of survival with shipping Priority in the winter?
  7. Egg Crate

    I bought white at home Depot and painted black with spray paint. Worked great. Just dry it thoroughly.
  8. Game Time

    The only way to watch.
  9. Golden Basket Auction - Flower Anemone

    Looks nice. Never seen one that is 1 inch.
  10. RO/DI Unit - How Many Stages? 4,5,6?

    THis is the sytem I use. I "T"-off before the DI canister so I can use it for my tank and drinking water. Also, added a booster pump, which allows me to fill my 44 gallon saltwater can much faster. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/6-stage-75-gpd-drinking-reef-ro-di-system-brs.html
  11. New Red Sea 160 gallon tank.

    Is your salt really that high? Wish I could get me Ph up!
  12. Beautiful Green Fragspawn

  13. It was time to frag the Mother Colony. For sale is this beautiful green frog spawn Coral with 9 to 10 heads. One photo under full lights, the other under bluer light. Pick up in Tualatin. Cash or PayPal only. $40.00.
  14. Testing parameters

    I use mine daily. Seems very accurate and quick. Refill reagent runs $8 from BRS.