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  1. My power supply died. Looking for replacement.
  2. shaywood

    Frag tank setup - how to

    Thanks for the ideas. Might try a 25g AIO. I already have the lighting and other equipment.
  3. shaywood

    Frag tank setup - how to

    The good thing about my tank is the corals are doing awesome. I would like to share many of the corals that are doing well in my tank. Is it possible to set up a frag tank without a sump? Where do I find one?
  4. shaywood

    Maxspect Gyre Problem

    I've always had to lower the gyre further in the tank.
  5. shaywood

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    Return: Ehiem 1262 Skimmer : Curve 7 Flow: Gyre 130 x2 w/ IceCap modules Calcium : Geo612 ALK: BRS doser daily Controller: Apex 2016 Carbon Reactor GFO Reactor Additives : Acropower and Microbacter7 Cheato in refuge
  6. shaywood

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    I run 3 hydra 26 HDs. Attached is the file. I turned all lights up for the video. Normally they're bluer. AI Preset.aip
  7. shaywood

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    Nope. Should have started one
  8. If anyone is interested, here's a video update of my 450. This at 2 1/2 years old. Many of you have purchased frags from the corals. Sorry about the poor quality. I had to scale it down to upload. Video was taken during water change, with pumps off. 2018-05-13 14.20.16.mp4
  9. shaywood

    Coral Giveaway!

    Please share the love
  10. Looking for a used IceCap Gyre Interface Module XF130.
  11. shaywood

    Classroom tank

    Nice job!
  12. shaywood

    The Theat Is Real

    How hot did the tank get?
  13. shaywood

    GFO Impact on pH

  14. shaywood

    GFO Impact on pH

    Just replaced my GFO and noticed my pH drope from 8.07 to 8.0. Is this normal?
  15. shaywood

    Calcium Reactor Output

    Propably a dumb question. My reactor effluent output goes into my filter socks. Am I losing any calcium / Alkalinity with this configuration?