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  1. I have a couple skimmers up for sale. H&S Type A 300 2X1260. New these sell for $1,800. Has Swabbie neck cleaner.(170) One of the pumps need either new impeller, or replace pump? Asking $275 LifeReef SVS3-36 with Mag pump New, $800. Asking $425
  2. Tank stand. 68X36X40. Spa Flex 2". I have 3 pieces aboput 5 feet, and 3 about 3 feet. Kalkwasser reactor. Needs new pump. Zeovit. Also have 3L reactor More to follow. Located in Ridgefield, WA Ken
  3. Quick bump before I put things on National sites.
  4. Some pictures of the sump. Water enteres the loft side and goes across the back (skimmer, etc here), then to the right end and back across teh front and out through bulkhead. Frag tank available if you have room. Runs off the system so water teh same as tank.
  5. Brittany, I can take Apple Pay or Pay Pal Wet side magnet is totally destroyed and no parts available. Only option is new wet side for $157. These have the Quiet Drive upgrade which made a huge improvement. I can take photos of sump. Is there anything in particular you want to see? Ken
  6. Available, although someone else wanted me to ship.
  7. OK, that was easy. Let me know if there is anything you want a picture of. Anyone into Zoevit??? Have some blue bottles......
  8. Not sure how to post here. If you give me your number I can attach a photo to a message.
  9. I used this for a holding tank for my 250 system. Currently empty 40 gal breeder stand sump Ehim return pump Vertex Omega 130 skimmer Current 4 bulb light 2 Hydor circulating pumps Avast Marine auto top off ($100) 2 heaters Eliminator E107 7 outlet switchable power strip All for $200 Located in Ridgefield WA Ken
  10. Updated list. Tank stand is available. Well built 68X36X38. Oak. Keep this out of the landfill. Make offer. Sold my 250, so 25 years of equipment for sale. First up is the sump. 95gal acrylic 48X24X17 (new $1,450) Dart pump (new 330) Theling Roller Mat Filter (new 240) All for $400 OBO. PENDING??? Apex Classic, display, EB8, PM2 salinaty, $250 SOLD Apex EB8 $100 Neptune Aquacontroller Jr. $50 Neptune DOS plus 7gal containers $200 SOLD Ecotec MP60 Quiet Drive $345 Ecotec MP60 Quiet Drive...bad wet side $200
  11. Have one that is 21" tall and 4" diameter. Bought it used from at Waves, so yes...that long ago. Never put it into the system as I went another direction. Yours for whatever you think reasonable. Ken
  12. Congtats on the new tank. I just sold my 250gal and have lots of equipment if you are looking for used. Things like MP60, skimmers, return pump, DOS, roller mat, etc, etc. Ken
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