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  1. Kshack

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share teh Love.
  2. Kshack

    RODI help

    You need to make sure the flow restrictor matches the membrane. Whoever you bought the new membrane from should be able to get you the right flow restrictor. Also, might be a good idea to measure the amount of product water to rejection water for their information. Ken
  3. Kshack

    Bulkhead dicussion

    I think the gasket goes on the flange side, no mattewr which side that is on. Otherwise, as you turn the nut it will distort the gasket.
  4. Kshack

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    Reproducible...yes. Accurate...who knows. I have never tested against a known. The box of reagent I am using know seems to be testing slightly lower than the previous box, but that mayjust be the tank restart. I never saw tests below .03 before, and now I do.
  5. Kshack

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    (Is that the blue machine?) Is that question for me??? If so. it is the HI 93713 Phosphate Low Range tester. Ken
  6. Kshack

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    I have the Hanna PO4 low range if you want to swing a water sample by. Ken
  7. 250 g tank. In Ridgefeild. Ken
  8. Kshack

    WTB Calcium Reactor and Parts

    I have a H&S 150 (rated for 275g) with 10lb tank and regulator. Could also arrange for an Aquacontroller jr to control everything (upgraded to Apex). German made..check them out. No need for feed pump. $275 Ken
  9. Kshack

    need sediment and carbon block filters

    503 807-6264 Ken
  10. Kshack

    need sediment and carbon block filters

    That would work, unless we are out shopping. I can leave it on front porch if we go anywhere. Ken
  11. Kshack

    need sediment and carbon block filters

    I just checked and here is what I have. Generic pre filter. 5 micron Spectrapure Max-Flo .35 micron pleated (can be washed) Carbon block. Spectrapure .60 micron Just replace when you get your order is fine. I do not need to replace for 6 mo. Ken
  12. Kshack

    need sediment and carbon block filters

    I do. In Ridgefeild though. Ken
  13. Kshack

    RO/DI Drop in Pressure

    Spectrapure uses 0.5 prefilter and 0.5 carbon block.
  14. Kshack

    Cutting MP40 cord?

    Open up your controller and take a look at the connection at the circut board. I just converted to QD and had it i my hand, but could not tell you for certain. Possibly 4-7 wires??? You could remove the connector to circut board and only have a hole large enough to pass that fiitting through, then reconnect. That way there will be no cutting and soldering. Ken
  15. Kshack

    Utility tub

    I have a rubbermaid trough. Think it is 50 gal??? Has a drain with valve. In Ridgefield. Ken