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  1. no complaints here granted I dont spend too much time here, so there could be soem bugs i am unaware of, but I do know that this new format runs way, way faster(for me) than the old one. I live up in the sticks with a hughesnet connection and this new format actually runs really well that is all. thanks
  2. anybody have any that have outgrown their tank, or planning on breaking down in the near future and want to find a good home for them now?? will buy or pay in frags Pretty open to type....the bigger the better prolly a long shot....but ya never know
  3. wow what a horrible share the love guy I am. has it really been 25 days?? haha fwiw, I havent been to town since I posted. I am coming monday though. so- cellow- 400 w pfo topher-250 w icecap and batwing/socket barelycuda- pump did I get it right??
  4. nah....I already butchered the concept.......and not necessarily everyone can make good use of everything posted cellow gets first pick...then crapboy..........then for wahtever is left somebody is gonna have to post soemthing at least slightly humorous
  5. Topher.......eewe I said smile, laugh or chuckle......not visualize you taking a crap (nono) BUT..since its christmas......pick a ballast
  6. and you would be correct in that thinking haha so does that mean the everyone who posted wants this stuff?? which stuff?? hrmmmm ok.....new rule......you have to post SOMETHING that makes me smile, chuckle or laugh out loud......and post what the heck you want please I suppose at this point, cellowwithgills gets his pick based on his James Brown response
  7. Lots of love here.....but doesnt anybody want this crap? Hi CCR
  8. forgot-also have a batwing and socket that can go with or without the ballasts
  9. ok...not high end...and not perfect......but if someone can make use of them I have the following up for grabs pcx-100 external pump- a little nappy with some rust on the housing but seems to run fine when plugged in dry. I have never actually used this thing. had it sitting around for a couple of years dual PFO 400 w ballast-One side is dead for unknown reasons, other side works great. This thing is big and heavy for anyone unfamilar. You might need to rebuild your canopy in order to support the weight if thats where you plan on putting it Icecap 250w ballast-has problem. Sometimes takes a couple tries to fire. Has been this way for over a year and I had it over a sump. Moral tot he story is I woudlnt trust it on a timer over a display as when it doesnt fire the first time...it needs unplugged and replugged back in in a few minutes. Can throw in a used bulb or two if you want them. reeflux 10k and radium 20k for choices If patrick doesnt mind.....lol...I can drop this stuff at saltwater fantaseas for pick up later this week when I am in town.
  10. shucks...if I would have known sooner I would have given it to my trigger for christmas :(
  11. Thank you very much for the offer badguitarist. Needing something a little bigger though.
  12. thanks mr ray I emailed him although that looks to have quite odd dimensions
  13. I have had her for 5 years, him for 3 from ORA. She is pretty large they have been actively spawning large nests for the last two years and dont miss a beat, even after moving tanks They are hosted by a condy. The condy didnt take the last move so well and was looking rough for a few months but lately has been improving. It certainly doesnt look as good now as it does in these pics. The clowns actually left it for a spell, but recently returned. I have had the condy for 5 years as well. Will trade for nice ricordia yumas or high end polyps we dont already have. If I dont find a trade open to selling as well
  14. Thanks for that that would surely work in a pinch and I woudlnt mind taking it off your hands actually if we were closer. Looks like a pretty good tub to throw some rock in. but dont really need it and it wont work for the sump I am trying to put together thanks though
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