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  1. Calibration fluid, yes. Case, no -- but I do have the very handsome cardboard box.
  2. Here's a bonus: Free delivery in Portland this Saturday (July 1st, Canada Day ?? !!) if you buy the Digital Refractometer. ACT NOW!
  3. Yeah, so I'm out. I'm happy to have found a good home for the livestock, and have put up a for sale thread to clear out the gear that's worth selling. Such a great hobby, but I lose the spirit of dedication and things go to poop... literally, I guess.
  4. I missed it :-( Were you besmirching my honor? ;-)
  5. My livestock is heading to its new home on Saturday. Once that's done, I'll have the following hardware available: Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer $60 SOLD Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 $60 SOLD Kessel A160 Tuna Blue $150 I'm in Vancouver, WA. Cash only, please.
  6. Yah, I gave it a water change and a good cleanup tonight and now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I just need to go bigger ;-) ;-)
  7. When I first set up this tank I told myself the minute I stopped taking care of it, I'd break it down. There's no margin for slackitude on a skimmerless tank. As it turns out, there's a surprisingly large margin for slackitude on a skimmerless tank. Who knew? Either way, I've passed that extended point and livestock is starting to suffer. Time to call it a game. I'll post a for-sale list this weekend. If anyone is interested in taking the whole thing: tank, stand, gear, livestock, supplies, etc. (yah, right... I know... I know..) I'll make a really good deal (like, the whole shooting match for $350). Let me know.
  8. I used it. It worked for me, my tank cycled ;-)
  9. Steel has many components aside from iron and carbon -- many of them you don't want in your tank in concentration (things like nickel, zinc, chromium, manganese, etc etc) because they're rough on living things. The iron by itself will contribute to excess green algae growth and perhaps cyano. Of course, you're free to set up your tank as you see fit but it won't be long before you have a fair bit of money tied up in beautiful livestock... are you sure you want to experiment with poisoning the lot? I doubt you'll find an experienced reefer who'll tell you to leave the steel in there.
  10. Many rubber sealants have additives to help them stay flexible, and over time they'll leech into the water. I wouldn't trust spray paint to do much more than slow down the rusting, and would be concerned about leeching chemicals there too. You could investigate using an acrylic resin, not sure if they're stable in water over time. You could also experiment with making a tight-fitting acrylic 'box' for the metal, but it'd be a lot of work and really difficult to glue the rock to. I can't think of a cheap or easy solution... salt water is rough on just about everything.
  11. That looks really cool, though I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with some steel rusting away in my tank.
  12. andy

    Another Fusion 20

    lol, you've got it BAD
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