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  1. Westwood

    Could anyone tell me what this is????

    Id love to get up to Portland . My car isnt in good order and Work keeps me here stuck like a prisoner in florence GRRRRR. marks up there now working as a contractor so maybe he can hit the next show . but he never gets invited . Am i still a member or do i ave dues i have to pay again ? Tammy
  2. Westwood

    anyone know anything about these?

    Ryan you Weinie I was bidding on that item LOL im Westwood .. are you watching me LMAO let me know how it works . Please Tammy
  3. Westwood

    Could anyone tell me what this is????

    Got any more to spare LOL i love snails ... Tammy
  4. Westwood

    Advise please Water Flow

    According to Bob finner my tank isnt getting enough wave action so what would you guys tell me to get as far as a power head . tank is a 175g Loaded with green hair But its dieing as we speak ( trick from Bob) anyway i have 2 seio 1500 one on each end . so should i put them on one end with a smaller power head on the other side ? Tammy
  5. Westwood

    new Koralia pumps

    if i get a number3 do you think that would be good for a 75G tank ? i need a little more flow then the 2 seio 1500 are giving me According to Bob finner. he says my tank is too stagnant and thats whats helping the algea flourish in my tank its Green hair ? Tammy
  6. Westwood

    frag party or par tee

    Bummed ive been making a weekend trip Just to pick up salmondine every weekend in portland leaving friday and comming back Sunday .. Im not sure i am getting the group emails of invites can someone from the board try and pm me or email me thanks Tammy
  7. Westwood

    1st sign of the ........

    spayn Some laws are ment to be broken ... the Human law over the government should prevail .. Id find calfs Deer and elk after there moms got hit of illeagly hunted and raise them on the ranch .. i got caught and the police officer asked are you gonna eat it .. just then i threw up looking at a 5 day old baby deer i named Boomer..there small.. how could you eat something like that .. once i threw up he said ya know tammy Some laws are not right and made to be broken im glad your the one breakng this one and let me go..just like your glidder .. ive found several turtles crossing the road between elkton and Drain..kept one he got huge as omgosh and she desided to bite my nephew smiles Tammy