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    Mechanical sump options

    # 1
  2. wanareef

    PVC Fittings, Barbs, & Valves

    HD in the lawn sprinkler section carries sch 80 barb/thd fittings from 1/2" to 1 1/4" both in plastic and steel. Rose City hardware on Sandy Bl carries the sch 80 valves and sch 80 fittings but only carry 2 or 4 at a time then have to reorder/supply hth
  3. wanareef

    Centropyge potteri

    I know each one is different, anyone have one in there mixed reef? Model citizen? Thinking of tearing down the 225 and putting up a 150, custom of course (60 x 36 x 16) frag/DT with a couple of stalls for some clowns on one side and the rest open , maybe adding a Potter's angelfish along with several wrasses.
  4. wanareef

    Centropyge potteri

    Thanks guys, I'd figured as much.
  5. wanareef

    building Protein skimmer help

    This is what you need for a lot of bubbles and a good strong pump to push it
  6. wanareef

    building Protein skimmer help

    I have the perfect air stone if that's the type of skimmer you'll be building. will post pix later
  7. wanareef

    New project, plumbing question.

    option 2 less plumbing and less problems
  8. wanareef

    95 gallon Cube Display Tank with Custom Stand

    My guess it's a poor man's sump and the smaller tank is the return area
  9. wanareef

    55G Acrylic DT, and 20G Long Sump Build

    Bubble trap before the return area
  10. wanareef


    You got mail !!
  11. wanareef

    Wtb GEO 612

    Wow the geo 612 has changed quite a bit
  12. wanareef

    Where to buy glass in the Portland/Vancouver area

    Why not acrylic - less hassle and have it custom made?
  13. wanareef

    3d background or black paint?

    The foam rock wall is/was great. Hard to tell in this picture, my 80gal cube the eggcreate wall When dry Hard to tell, but it was better in person (as they say) check here reef central for more ideas
  14. wanareef

    Silencer for drain

    Post a pic it'll help.
  15. wanareef

    Kate u got mail

    It's about meeting up this sat
  16. wanareef

    Black Clowns wanted

    Chewie has several baby ones if you want to go that way
  17. wanareef

    CO2 regulator suggestions

    Your box is full This is a industrial regulator rebuilt for CO2, new seals, diaphrams, guages, spring, Clippard solenoid and Fabco needle valve just hook up to your controller and your CO2 tank and ready to go. Comes with 10ft of CO2 proof hose $285 I get down to Garretts quite often and can meet up. Charles
  18. wanareef

    Wanareef is AAAMAZZXING!!!

    Glad it's working out. I had to pick up some magnets for another job and I'll have one ready for you in a week or so.
  19. wanareef

    Salty Pickle

    You got mail
  20. wanareef

    Help - Hazing Inside Tank?

    It's the urcins, same in my tank. Some micro mesh and elbow grease will work gl
  21. wanareef

    Prime's Cube Build

    Ruben tank without the tell tale eurobrace Perfect spot, what will you do about moisture/condensation?
  22. wanareef

    Custom Acrylic Clear Mesh Top

    Any acrylic will bend/warp if expose to water or the humidity trapped by the acrylic itself. Over flow covers will warp even if using material up to and including 3/4", and some cases 1". The trick is to make the opening larger on the screen than the hole for the tank. Just gotta make sure no piece of acrylic extends over an opening of the tank, then no warp.