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  1. Last house had French doors and I got spoiled with the move this house has the views I wanted but no double doors. At one time I had a 360 gallon reef and the stand was so big we built it in three sections then screwed it together. That builder is no longer around.
  2. The tank would be 6 foot by three foot but I would like the stand to be at least 36 tall. That causes a problem with getting it into the house. Could you make the stand in two connectable sections so we could get it through the door?
  3. Randy-S

    Skimmer FS

    I ran that skimmer on my 360 gallon tank and it was a champ
  4. Do you want to chat with him and see if. You two want to team up? I like the idea of metal frame as I would think we could make it come apart so I could have more flexibility is the size and still be able to get it through my front door.
  5. I willing to talk with anyone who is willing to build it I am looking for quality.
  6. I don't mind a metal stand skinned in wood I just have little carpentry skills. Are you able to skin it as well?
  7. Randy-S

    Skimmer FS

    I think it runs a reflow dart it's a beast of a skimmer
  8. I sold my 250 and want to go bigger but I am not a fan of mass produced stands
  9. Yes they are and it is thanks! I want to jump up to 300 gallon so this one needs to go
  10. Bumping this up I know summer a tough time to sell but you never know!
  11. But I am open to trades just don't know for what you know?