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  1. Barleychown

    A sad story from a reefer in Redond

    Sean, you rock! Thank you.
  2. Barleychown

    A sad story from a reefer in Redond

    I have been emailing with her, and will be sending some live rock and a few cups of live sand over with a family member tomorrow. I know it's short notice, but the family member was already planning on heading back then. Does anyone else local (Eugene-ish) want to add anything?
  3. Barleychown

    What is your acclimation procedure?

    Slow drip for at least an hour, more for inverts...
  4. Barleychown

    What color do you try for the most?

    I tend to lean towards purples, pinks and greens...though anything pretty works for me!
  5. Barleychown

    WTB/T Will owe you a favor

    You have PM.
  6. The last three wal-mart's I've been to this week each have Mrs. Wages lime in the canning section. I left enough for another reefer in each store.(whistle)
  7. Barleychown

    WTB/T Will owe you a favor

    Feel like taking a drive to Cottage Grove? I have some to spare...
  8. Barleychown

    Looking for Volunteers

    I'd be happy to host the May 19th meeting.
  9. Barleychown

    Mega Flow Sump.

    I have one that I am not real impressed with. They are noisy, and messy, and not really big enough to hold what you end up wanting to put in there.
  10. Barleychown

    corals, sale or trade?

    Hi there! It's under the user control panel, then edit profile.
  11. Barleychown

    does anyone have tons of ablones?

    You are lucky! I have the stomatella snails.
  12. Barleychown

    Alright Bob lets see it I want pics

    Wow! I love him. Awesome choice!
  13. Barleychown

    How much Live rock do I need??

    I like lots of live rock so there is ample room for good stuff like pods, sponges, and stuff. Getting it placed so you are happy with the overall look is a real pain...I'm still not happy with ours.
  14. Barleychown

    Playsand in Eugene

    No problem at all...you will want to call to make sure they have it in one of the two stores before driving down. One is in Creswell, the other in Cottage Grove. If they have trouble understanding what you are after, let me know. We spend a LOT of time there, and know quite a few of them VERY well. Ahh...the joys of building.
  15. Barleychown

    Playsand in Eugene

    Okay, it's a 50 pound bag for 6 bucks from Cascade. Typically used for sandblasting, says it's silica. Let me know if you need more info.