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  1. still available. not going to the meeting.
  2. For sale. Dual Sunlight Supply HQI 250 watt halides with three month old phoenix bulbs. The ballasts were made in '05. I haven't used them in almost a year, but they worked flawlessly for me. This would be a great starter setup for someone looking to get good lights for a good price. The hooks on top could use some paint or replacement.
  3. The reeflo's provide WAY more flow than I need. I am looking for 1000gph to the display and a little bit for reactors and feeding a fuge.
  4. Do you happen to have a link to what you are talking about? It will be in the garage so a little noise is ok.
  5. Was thinking maybe this one too: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/panworld-50pxx-external-water-pump-1110gph.html Only uses 90 watts. The mag 18 uses 145. That is a big difference over the long haul. Although my sump will be in the basement and the Mag will provide some heat. The gen-x is about the same as the Mag: http://www.fishtanksdirect.com/pcx-55_pacific_coast.aspx
  6. Hey folks, I am looking for pump recommendations. The pump needs to be able to supply about 900-1000 gph to the display tank. It will be pushing water from my garage about 7 feet slightly uphill, then 5 feet straight up. 1" flex pvc. I am thinking a Mag drive 18 would suffice, but I am exploring other options including external pumps.
  7. I just took mine offline because I didnt clean it often enough and it was throwing PO4 into the water. You should be fine with Kalk and/or two part for quite a while. Not to mention you can buy a lot of Kalk and two part for the cost of a calcium reactor.
  8. If you look at the pic, the giant black blob on the left is my return pump. No, I will not be putting my skimmer in the return section.
  9. For sure. I used to do the "Herbie" style overflow with one syphon and one emergency. The design referenced above added one more layer of redundancy. I will have the exact dimensions of the sump soon and I will post them and see what folks have to say.
  10. If anyone is interested in the emergency drain, this post from reefcentral is what I am doing. http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1310585&perpage=25&pagenumber=1 Pretty safe and quiet. Two key components for any overflow.
  11. Any ideas on how/what plumbing to add for automated water changes? How far should I space my baffles to minimize bubbles getting through? Could you elaborate on the drilled baffles? Sounds interesting.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Water will get to the fuge and reactors via a manifold off of the main pump. The return section is fairly large, but so is my skimmer. This section will only be large enough to move and clean the skimmer as necessary.
  13. Using a 75g tank as the sump for a new 75g display. [ATTACH]12562[/ATTACH] Curious if anyone has input as to anything I am missing or things that look off. Thanks!
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